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    Default How do I know I'm getting a good price for flight?

    I know this has been discussed before but I just want to get a general poll on how far out people book airfare.

    We leave for CSA in 6 months and 2 days and I found a decent price (total for both of us from LAX for $1,134)... but I'm not sure if I should still hold out for something better.

    We're also traveling in August so I wonder if it being Hurricane season affects prices one way or another as we get closer?

    I know that ultimately there is not a hard fast rule for anything... but maybe seasoned travelers have found at least a bit of a pattern for decent prices...


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    Honestly, I would love to find some of these deals that people find on airfare. I have searched every scenario I can imagine, and never am able to find so called cheap airfare or even better deals on "discount" websites. Everything i did last time and to this point on our return trip, i have found that the Couples website is as "cheap" as anyone. What you quoted as paying for your airfare is not much higher than what I can find out of Dallas FW.

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    This won't help you too much now but for future travels it will- I have traveled a lot and what I'm going to tell you many will tell you the opposite--Book as early as you possibly can. I know I know you hear about these 2-3 month out bookings that are "usually" the cheapest times to book or book 1 month out too--I have found time and time again that in fact as soon as rates post for the time you travel (typically 11 months out) are the cheapest. I did this for my upcoming trip to CSA this summer- yes I booked air last July for $1000/couple. Since then the lowest I've seen was $1200 and that was in September. It is now hovering around $1500 couple. I can say the same for a trip I have next month- I booked 9 months ago and spent $300 per person, friends booked last month (2 months out) and spent $450 per person (domestic trip). I would say at this point you are probably looking at the best rate (book on a Tue, Wed, or Thur--rates are higher Fri-Mon- yes that fact still hold true though sometimes it may just be a few bucks). You may find a cheaper rate right before your trip (less than a month out) but you will have last pick of seats--so you may not find 2 together and you may be looking at multiple flights typically never drop rates the closer you get as they fill up quicker than other flights...and another fact that has always held true--the fuller the plane gets the higher the tickets are--airlines must fill their flights to make $$ so when the plane is empty the tickets are cheaper.

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    Oh and one more thing---booking direct with the airline or the package deal with the resort is always the cheapest---those "travel websites" charge a bit more no matter what they say just see for yourself- check the rate of a flight- any flight on one of those websites, then go to the airline's site and check the same flight

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    That a good price book it and dont look back. With airfare you never know what prices are going to do or when. We fly from Arizona; fights around 500 per person is about right.

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    That is a good price. We booked our airfare back in October at $1232 out of PDX for the two of us.

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I held out for a couple more days and this morning the price went down another $60 per person so we booked!

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    You just never know with air fare. We fly AIr Tran out of BWI (Baltimore) they only release their schedules 6 months out. This makes it really difficult to get teh great early booking discounts/package deals.

    When Air Tran released the August schedules the price was $432.00 RT. It is now $473.00 and holding steady for the past few weeks. Simply know what you are willing to pay, what the market is bearing at that time and go for it. We use to compare.

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    We fly out of Toronto in Ocotber and paid $338 each plus taxes and so on it all came to $951

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    Book now. Oil prices are rising and it is bound to impact airline pricing sooner or later...

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    Yeah, it always killed me to talk airfair with my canadian friends. Somehow, it's so much cheaper for them, even though they are farther away. I just figure they need all the help they can get in the brutal winter!

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    You know you have a good price if you still have your pants on, still have your children and still have enough left over for a hamburger.

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    I'm getting ready to book the air for our trip ..... I consider it a good deal because it's almost $200 less than what we paid for last December & it sounds like fuel prices are gonna rise a LOT so doubt it's going to get cheaper ...... It used to be cheaper if we waited until about 3 months out but didn't happen for that last trip & went up so not taking any chances this time.

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    I have been watching the websites daily since prices were posted for Dec 22nd through Jan 1, as that's when we're going to CTI. I just booked tonight for $1429 RT out of Kansas City on Delta. Their website was $50-$100 cheaper than the "travel" websites. It's a little more than I wanted to pay, but that price has been steady for the last 3 weeks so I figured it was the best I was going to get. Also, just a tip, I've found that booking directly with the airline vs a discount website yields friendlier results if you have to change anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traveler99 View Post
    Oh and one more thing---booking direct with the airline or the package deal with the resort is always the cheapest---those "travel websites" charge a bit more no matter what they say just see for yourself- check the rate of a flight- any flight on one of those websites, then go to the airline's site and check the same flight
    We always book through the airline vacation packages. They are the cheapest we can find.

    Life is good

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    From what I've seen, if you can find something under $400 each, you've got a great deal. I would say $400-600 is probably a "normal price" and anything over that is probably more than you want to spend but you have to weigh how bad you want to go

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    Sheeeesh, if I lived anywhere else but Florida, I wouldn't be able to afford a trip to couples. Round trip flight for my wife and I were $544 TOTAL ($272 each). I commend you all for a) making a good living & b) loving couples as much as you do.

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    Yeah I saw the price originally on Kayak for AirTran but within a couple hours, Kayak didn't have that flight anymore. I went directly to the AirTran website though and found that they were still offering the original flight, for that great price and was able to book through them.

    I like to use the discount websites to find flights, but then go to the airline's website and actually book through them.

    CSA in 5 months and 3 weeks...feels sooo far

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    We just booked for. Dec 10 to 21 2012 for rt from New York to Mobay via American Airlines for $297. Per person
    round trip change planes in Miami arrive in Mobay 2:45 pm

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