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    Default Can I just tell you...

    what an awful, horrible, rotten....

    Um. Nope, can't do it! I was going to say how terrible my stay was this past week but I just can't!! There was NOTHING wrong with anything! I can't believe people go to Jamaica and hate it. I can't believe people stay with Couples and come home unsatisfied! How is that at all possible

    I just got home at midnight. I'm already looking into booking for next year! It's been 7 years since my last trip to Jamaica. So much has changed!! I don't want to miss the changes in the future. I will be Jamaica-bound as often as possible from now on. And Couples? Yeah, I'd love to try them all just to see the different resorts but CSA is definitely HOME!!

    I will have pix online soon (I only took 786 this past week-I must've had too much rum as I expected to have twice that ) I will also write a "review" of my stay when I return to this thread with a link to my pix. It probably won't happen until late tonight or maybe even tomorrow...right now I'm gonna go back to sulking as I accept the reality of being back in the states I just had to say how much I loved CSA before I start looking into all the options for next year - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    I'll finish it for you

    What an awful, horrible, rotten trip. When the week was over they made me get on the bus to go home.

    How dare they!

    I was having the time of my life and they told it it was over!

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    I'm pretty sure that those who come away from a trip complaining were never happy in the first place. While at CTI for our first time, we camped out on some chairs next to several others from a different country. We love listening to different accents so we always perk up when we hear accents other than our own. We overheard a demeaning conversation about the resort with several ladies. Everything was complained about..the sinks, the restaurants.. Ugh! Finally my husband and I got up and found a new shade. I wasn't going to let some funsucker ruin my vacation. If she didn't like it, she should have left!

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    LOL, thought you had us there for a minute didn't you? NOT!!

    We all know the worst part of the trip is the goodbye bus!


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    Yeah, that goodbye bus was awful! Thankfully our driver was super cool and gave us the intinerary for driving to the airport, looping the parking lot, heading back towards Negril, stopping in "the hip strip" for drinks, then heading to Lucea for shopping and finally making our way back to CSA...if we wanted that is Bri and I were all for it but in the end, we got out at the airport and decided to head home We figured that will make our return much sweeter...gotta have something to look forward to ya know?!

    I had intended to write a review but I don't think I need to. Awesome is about the only word necessary to describe our stay at CSA The Atrium Suite was perfect. The drinks were GREAT! The staff beyond fabulous. The resort beautiful. It is a little slice of heaven...and we are so lucky they allow us to go there for visits!!

    Here is a link to some of the pix I took: I put mostly pix that people at home would like to see and a few of the room in case anyone wanted to see what the Atrium was assured, for those trying to choose, it's exactly as it is on the website!

    Our only complaint with the room was no CD player. They upgraded to ipod docking stations but we don't have an ipod and truthfully hadn't checked the room description since we booked (in March!) so I didn't see they upgraded. The radio was pretty blah and we are very tune oriented to chill during the heat of the day or in the evening after dinner while reading a book on the porch, snuggled with each other for a late day nap or what have you with tunes in the background. We did ask if they had any cd players around but unfortunately they did not. We know now though and have already started looking at ipods so we have one next year! Really though, that's hardly a compaint! Just a little disappointment that was a bummer but nothing to ruin our trip.

    I'm glad I found Couples and extra thankful for the message board. I knew I picked the right place after reading through the posts over the last few months. Bri and I commented on what a great find Couples was more than once through the week too. We booked through a friend who is a travel agent and she tried to send us elsewhere (on another island at that). We were sure we wanted to go back to Jamaica so I spent days looking at resorts - when I found Couples my research was over. I couldn't have been happier with everything and now the countdown to next year begins!!!!

    sblovin - I agree. People who are unhappy are probably unhappy in life in genearl. Thankfully I didn't encounter any funsuckers on our trip-well, not until the flight home but she didn't stay at Couples and was from Italy but didn't speak english well--I think that probably made things very difficult for her. She sat next to me on the plane but slept the whole way so she only made things uncomfortable for a short while. I too perk up when I hear other accents...I just love listening to them talk! I didn't enjoy it so much when she was complaining but oh well-hopefully she made it home safe and at least had fun while at the beach! - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    Our friends think we are crazy to head back to the same place AGAIN when there is so many other places to visit....well....once you go you know!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobndeanne View Post
    Our friends think we are crazy to head back to the same place AGAIN when there is so many other places to visit....well....once you go you know!
    I totally agree. I want to check out all the Couples resorts since I'm sure they are equally fab but for our next return we will stick with CSA--it's nice to vacation at "home"! I do intend to go other places as well-I want to see everything-but I will always call CSA home now

    I have family members that have allowed other people to convince them Jamaica is a no-go These people have only visited Jamaica via cruise therefore they don't have any idea what it's like to really be IN Jamaica. After seeing my pictures and hearing my report they are now possibly considering taking a trip to Couples!! I'm hoping I can go with them so I can show them all the comforts of home - I want them to "know" too - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    Wow, what a unique and fun read of a Couples review. I loved it!

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    I can't believe how much the trip has changed since our FIRST time in 06. the airport, the flight, the drive-everything. we are going back for our 5th time in sept. first time csa, our last one to complete the 4 of 4. all our friends think we are crazy. we are-it is all we think about between trips!!! cn in december. cn in december 09. if we can possibly afford it in the spring, we will be at CTI in March.

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