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    Default Going to CTI and getting married in a week :)

    Morning / Afternoon / Evening all!

    Just registered on here, but have been previously keeping up to date with everything aswell as reading reviews about CTI on TA. All seems fantastic and we have absolutely no worries.

    Figured I would make a post on here, why not a?

    So yeah, we are leaving the UK for Jamaica/CTI on Thursday of next week and really really really getting excited now, we are also getting married at CTI so even more excitement on top.

    We are flying over with Virgin Atlantic and I must say we are looking forward to the flight nearly as much as the holiday, although its a 10 hour flight it would seem everyone at Virgin is out to look after us all the way.

    I must say the thing so far that has really topped it for us was the email we received from our wedding planner in CTI and ALSO a direct phone call from the concierge in Jamaica, how personalised is that!!!!!

    So yeah, if your in CTI 16th Feb - 1st March, you will probably see us!!!

    Gav & Kat

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    Congratulations Gav and Kat....

    You are going to have an awesome time and a spectacular wedding...we renewed our vows on January 18 and LaToya was fabulous...It was wonderful working with her to finalize all our plans and she pulled it all together just as i had envisioned....Our photographer was absolutely perfect....I don't recall his name but ask LaToya...our pictures are unbelievable..he also captured our day perfectly, like he could read my mind!!! (I'd post some pics, but i'm at work..naughty me , so I can't just now)...Have a fabulous time, relax and enjoy

    Alice and Jack

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    Congratulations - we will be there at the same time. I love weddings and can't wait to congratulate you in person! See you in a week.

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    Congrats! Have fun! 30 more days till me and the wife will be at CTI!

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    Well Hi Gav & Kat

    Sounds like we will be on the same flight! From Gatwick 12:10 on the 16th to CTI for a week We will look out for you. What day are you getting married? Many guests?

    Kevin & Jane

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    We will be there wed(15) through sun(19) coming in from Newark. ( Though from PA)

    Looking forward to meeting some people!

    Steph and nick

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the congrats

    Kavin & Jane, we certainly will be on the same flight we get married on the 21st in the morning, small do with just our parents there.

    We shall no doubt see one another around at the bar lol

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    congrats! i bet you cant wait to get away from this weather we are having lol take lots of pics!

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