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    Default Even Repeater's have problems choosing...

    For all you newbies that think, "I just don't know what to do". Rest assured even us repeater's have our issues with decisions when it comes to choosing resorts and room

    This will be our 4th trip to Couples, 2 trips to CN and this will be our 2nd trip to CSS.

    My problem is that I can't decide which room category, and I've been there AND seen ALL the different room categories!!!

    We had a 1 bdrm ocean suite w/balcony in G block last time with the huge bathroom (we got lucky). We didn't really mind the stairs (most of the time). We had our nightly routine taking our time walking up, stopping at the Balloon bar to visit with our favorite bartenders, and grab a glass of wine to take with us. Check email and go to our room and sit on our BIG balcony listening to the treefrogs and drinking our wine.

    I remember thinking when we left if we ever went back I would want Beachfront because of the location, so why is it now I am questioning this so much?

    We are taking 3 couples with us 2 have chosen Beachfront and one is going with 1 bdrm w/balcony. We are suppose to book tomorrow, I am about to flip a coin!

    Just an attempt to make newbies feel better about their current state of


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    so happy you and Dino are getting to go back to Couples. i know you will have a great time.


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    Thanks so much Randy!

    Ok, after much deliberation and many conversations, we decided to stick with the 1 bdrm w/balcony versus the beachfront......We loved the size of the balcony and room, and felt that we experienced more of the resort being in the cliffs rather than on the beachfront....

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    We had a similar dilemma last year and, after much agonizing, booked a one bedroom ocean suite and requested G block.

    It was a lovely room, but on the first day, we noticed a room that we both liked in D block that had just been vacated (the door was open for the cleaning crew, so we stuck our heads in). We inquired at the front desk and, after signing a "voluntary downgrade waiver," were moved. It was a much smaller room, but we really preferred the location to the other blocks we'd stayed in.

    My point is that you really can't go wrong (though I won't tell you not to obsess, because I do that, too), and it's all about personal preference. If you are at all still unsure when you arrive, you could always inquire about potential available rooms and have a look-see. Either way, have a great time, and if you'd staying in the cliffs, don't forget about that lovely van service (which is really handy after a few mojitos).

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    Marie go with the one bedroom ocean suite or penthouse suite. The rooms on the cliff ROCK!!! James always said he wanted a beachfront UNTIL we got E-2 last time and he finally realized the BIG balconies RULE. Now it's one bedroom ocean suite all the way for us YEAH!!!!!
    Shari & James
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