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    Default CSA Wednesday Special!!!!

    So excited - booked CSA with Wednesday Special!!! Even got one flight with FF miles!! Will be the 4th time
    there in July! We have both lost parents this year so a much needed break!


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    Default What was it?

    I looked on the message board and checked my email and nothing from Couples for Wednesday the 8th special. What the heck?!!?
    Melissa & Chris
    Married at CSA on 12/14/12 (12/110/12-12/20/12)
    Booked for CN 12/13/13-12/21/13

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    I am excited for you. I knew when I saw that special it was going to make someone happy! Its a good deal.

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    I didn't see anything on the Wednesday special either....Huh! I'm a little upset now, especially since it was on CSA...

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    I did as well. I could not find anything on the message board for the Wednesday special and I have not received an e mail from Couples for YEARS! I would have LOVED to have seen the Special if it was for CSA!!

    What happened???

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    I missed it too!

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    I kept checking and didn't see anything either.

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    I would urge everyone to subscribe to our notices.

    Couples Resorts

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