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    Default Just Back from being Swept Away at CSA! Review

    My Husband and I are just back from a wonderful vacation at Couples Swept Away. We arrived on Saturday Jan 28th for a seven day holiday. Our Flight and transfer from the airport was smooth, Thanks to Mackenzie our Driver the transfer was less than an hour and a half drive. Mackenzie kept us entertained on the drive to couples and impressed us with his driving skills when he had to react quickly to avoid a car that cut us off. We arrived safe and sound thanks to MacKenzie: )
    Check in was a breeze, we brought a change of clothes in our back pack so we could hit the beach while our room was being prepared for us. Check in time is 3:00 pm, our room was ready just after 3:00.
    Our room number was 4310, building 13 top floor, Ocean view Veranda. The view was amazing with a huge balcony to sit and enjoy the sunset every night. Davian our housekeeper kept the room neat and tidy, each day she made a different towel art to welcome us home after a long day at the beach.
    We ate at Lemon Grass, Asian style and Feathers, which is fine dining, both requiring reservations. Our favorite restaurant by far was Patois, no reservation required. Patois had a menu that changes every couple nights, You could tell that the Chef at Patois took great pride of his menu and paid great attention to presentation and flavors. We did enjoyed Lemon grass, the menu had great choice and the food was delicious, Feathers however in our opinion was just OK. The Buffet had a good selection, we only ate there one night, we had preferred Patois over the buffet.
    As always the thing that makes couples shine is their Staff. We always felt welcomed and were met with sincere smiles. All of the Service staff we encountered seamed happy to help and always pleasant. Only had one exception, a young girl at the concierge who seamed more interested in the computer than answering our questions I did not catch her name...
    One word; Awesome! My hubby and I spent the best part of everyday on the beach. The resort was at 100% capacity, there was lots of room on the beach and tons of loungers and shade. However, one problem was that there were some people who "reserved" loungers in both the shady area and the sun. Two loungers per person, seams awful selfish especially when there were people looking for a place to sit. I am fair and tend to burn so I need shade, therefore I found the only way to guarantee the shade meant that I would have to get up by 7:30 and leave my towel and bag on a lounger. After 7:30AM you took your chances.

    GUEST Demographics. I would estimate that about 50% of the people there were at the age of 60+, the balance were mostly 30-50ish with a sprinkling of mid to late twenties. The repeaters dinner had over 150 people a true testament to Couples.

    NURSE/DOCTOR, unfortunately the night before we were leaving I had a minor health issue requiring medication. I called the nurse in the morning, saw her then the Doctor within an hour and had my medication. If I was home, It would have taking me a few hours. The fee was reasonable, and both the Doctor and Nurse were very accommodating.

    Swept away is the 3rd Couples resort we have visited, it is by far our favorite. We intend on returning for our 30th wedding anniversary in November. Overall and excellent stress free Vacation.

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    Glad you had a great time!

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    Great review, glad you had fun. Isn't MacKenzie a great driver! We have had him three or four times. Last November we requested him, but he had just taken a group. I always feel safe with him driving. I agree about the Nurse and Doctor. It was so much more than what I expected. There was some apprehension going, but it turned out that it was very professional and all the meds and shot they were able to give helped tremendously. I highly recommend travel insurance. The cost of doctor visit and meds were all taken care of when we got home.

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    Glad to hear you had a great time. Also good report on medical service. have been to CSA numerous times and never needed medical services thank goodness. As we get older in the back of my mind I always think what if and i know that's just the nurse in me but good to hear a good report.

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    We are so glad to see all enjoyed their trip. This will be our first time to stay at a Couples resort and hope to meet some great, fun new couples while we are there. We always enjoy meeting new people and making friends that can last a life time. We are going to arrive on April 27th so let us know if you will be there then too!

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    Awesome review. I just don't understand why people that want both shade and sun don't just move the lounger or ask someone to move it if they can't themselves. It is selfish to save 4 loungers for 2 people. And it's also just pure laziness. Come on people, grow up and realize that other people are there on vacation too.

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