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    Default CTI Island Frogs

    Hello All,

    My wife & I came across the famous Island Frogs while on the Island at CTI. As of 8/25, the frogs are all smiles!!

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    ROFL........... and I thought I was gonna see real tree

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    They look pretty happy, don't they? Contented? Or are they just plain worn out? In any case, it is good to know that they have been entertaining folks since last April. Wait until you see what we are bringing down this November.


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    What kinda sick person does that with frogs?...............oh i forgot it was me that put them in that postion.

    That was quick posting on the picture D.


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    We were there August 8th thru 16th and the island frogs were living it up.....
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    If you watch your intake of Salty Dogs you won't see the big ones.

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    looking at the pics wondering since the renovations has CTI policy on PDA's change ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steverandlinda View Post
    looking at the pics wondering since the renovations has CTI policy on PDA's change ?
    No, Couples has always allowed Public Displays of Amphibians.
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    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamaicaHound View Post
    No, Couples has always allowed Personal Displays of Amphibians.
    Nice - nothing wrong with a lil attraction to a fetish.....i had a friend back in the day who was into plushophilia.
    Hey whatever floats your boat is all good ...
    I was offended to see the frogs promoting smoking what if the kids see that ? lol....

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    Looks like the frogs have been staying active since we were there in May. We'll keep our eye on them in May 2010 when we go back! Richie I'll look forward to whatever new addition comes in november.

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    who the Hell allowed a camera on the island?

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    I am sorry to say that the frogs had leaped from the island and were not there when we were there July 3-10. There were some fish, but Frog Hefner and his girlfrogs were not on the premises. Maybe they went back to the Playfrog Mansion.

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    The frogs brought the camera. They are very tricky. But, they can't read. The group that we're bringing down in, pardon me while throw this in, 115 days, will be told verbally so that everyone will understand. Hmmm.Besides not being able to read, I don't think they understand English. Or any language for that matter.

    Ce la vie


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