Just got back from our trip. We were there from Jan 27th to Feb 6th.
I would like to thank all the staff for the great time we had. Special thanks to Katie and Kevin of the entertainment commitee for everything you did to keep us busy. That was the best superbowl sunday party. It made a fantastic end to our vacation. Loved the roof top party.
Collin from the Dive shop, you and the guys from water sports "Rock". I personnally would like to say thank you for keeping eveyone active on the red flag days, when the boats could not go in the water. Thanks for all the volleyball games. I'll be back next January for a rematch LOL.
As far as the cooking staff, you guys are the bomb. We ate at all the resturants several times and loved every meal. Service was great.
Edmond and the hotel staff thank you for making everyday delightful. I can't recall one member of your staff ,during the visit, that did not smile and say hello.
I wish the weather could have been better, but thats mother nature for you.
Again, thanks for everything. We will see you again next January.
Scott and Jennifer Rainey