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    Default Secret rendezvous in march

    Anyone doing secret rendezvous in march?
    We are going from march 23-30..!

    It will be our first experience going to jamaica. Can't wait!

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    Lucky dogs!

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    We are 25th-1st 8th times to couples... 1st SR best place on earth

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    We are doing CSR from March 19th to 26th. We were at CN in 2010. Can't wait to go back to Jamaica.

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    Yes, just booked SR for 3/23, fourth trip to Jamaica and to Couples. Due to some extenuating circumstances we didn't reschedule and count down the days from 300 this time so I'm in instant excitement mode at five weeks out. We did SR on the first trip, got CTI and have returned there twice, so I'm incredibly excited this year, either we get to see one of the other resorts that other people love so much, or we go home to see our good friends at CTI, just can't go wrong!!!

    So tempted to wait until I get to the lounge at the airport to find out where we are going, but what to put on the immigration forms?

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    We just booked CSR for March 31-April 8th!! Can't wait...our 8th or 9th trip to Couples.

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    For those of you who did secret rendezvous before, have you always been assigned to tower isle in a gardenview room?

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    We are doing CSR Mar 20-27 can't wait til the 13th to find out where we are staying. We were at CN last year and need the Couples experience again. The savings of CSR are great but the mystery of where we are staying is even more fun cause we know no matter which property we end up at we'll be Home. Once you go you know

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    We did the SR in Dec 2010 and we got CSS, Base room, Block C. We just loved it. We are booked for CN Dec 2012 to try something new. Sure hope we love it as much as CSS.

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    we did get CTI last year on our secret rendezvous...and it was a gardenview room. I am hoping to get one of the other resorts but based on the price, we don't care where we go. The food at CTI was amazing...we liked our room...the only downfall was the late afternoon sun was blocked by the building so we had to keep moving in the afternoon to stay in the sun, no big deal to us!

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    I got CTI the first time but I did not get a gardenview room.

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    we are also doing secret rendez vous march 23-30. Let me know which resort you end up being assigned to.

    I can't wait to find out. 4 more weeks left before we know.

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    We booked secret rendezvous for march 17-22 and were just assigned to Couples Swept Away! So excited. First time to Couples, First time to Negril, second time to Jamaica.

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    We just booked a SR for March 24-30! Can't wait to find out where we are going!

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    Wrenjd, you got assigned already??? I thought it was only one week before did you find out.!

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    We just booked a SR from March 17-24th.

    Maybe we'll see you there, Wrenjd! How do you know you're at CSA already? I would say it's a good guess, because according to the Couples booking site CSA had availability for that whole slot, but so did CSS. It looks to me like CTI is full that week and CN only had rooms on 3/24.

    We also overlap with MikeCanuk,T&T and for part of J17, Wiggy and Sandyb's trips. If we end up at the same place, let us buy you a drink! ;-) Last year B and I met a lovely couple from North Dakota through the MB, we had dinner together at the Beach Gala and it was nice to sit with someone we sort of knew!

    We did a SR last spring as well, and were at CTI in an ocean view room in block 5. It was totally fantastic. I know that room level is not everyone's favorite, but we were off to the side where it's quiet (I'm a light sleeper) and we still got a lovely view.

    As much as I am hoping to go back to CTI because we loved it, I'm excited by the chance to try a different resort. So, we're leaving it up to chance and we'll be very happy wherever we go. (Though I am hoping for an ocean view of some kind, having morning coffee on our little balcony looking at the flowers and the birds and the OCEAN through the flowering trees was so lovely!)

    Off to the March threads to see what other fun us afoot!
    Bridget (and Bob)

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    wrenjd::the resort is not guaranteed until 7 days out. Our credit card bill last year said San Souci so we thought we were going there...7 days out we called and were told CTI.

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    How did you find out this far in advance which one you are assigned to?

    Quote Originally Posted by wrenjd View Post
    We booked secret rendezvous for march 17-22 and were just assigned to Couples Swept Away! So excited. First time to Couples, First time to Negril, second time to Jamaica.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiggy View Post
    How did you find out this far in advance which one you are assigned to?
    I received a second confirmation indicating that my payment was due (weird because I paid everything at once) and it had the resort name and room category on it. Didn't even notice it was there until I looked more carefully!

    Hope that helps!


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    Thanks for the caution---thought it was early to get the acknowledgement! We're flexible folks so no big deal if it changes (although I was pretty happy with the selection). Actually the fine print says they can even change it after the 7 days, so however it goes down we're fine. I actually think it would be fun if we didn't know until we got to the airport!

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    Hi j17,
    My husband and I are going the same time, 24th-30th and doing the secret rendevous. I wonder if we will wind up at the same resort. It will be our second time to Jamaica, but our first couples experience.

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    Looks like there are a bunch of us going about the same time...super excited to find out where.... We have friends at cti, and cn.... And will make some new ones.... This is as exciting as finding out if it's a boy or girl
    Eric from WI 25-1st

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    My bride an I are going March 17th- 26th cant wait. Very eager to find out where we will stay.....

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    hi sandyb,

    i 'm guessing we will probably be assigned to the same resort! cant wait to find out where were going.

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    I actually had a question regarding secret rendez vous..I have noticed that when I enter my travel dates (march 23-30) it says that they is no availability in any resort except Swept Away. Does that mean that they keep rooms for Secret rendezvouers in the lower room category of each hotel?

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