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    Default Beach Grill at CN

    I just noticted the hours now show 12:30 to 2:30 has this changed recently? Normally they have always opened around 11:00.

    Also how has the food/service been lately?

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    The 12:30 (from is a misprint that occurred when they revamped the website. The beachgrill still opens at 11AM, which is convenient for divers who wish to eat before an afternoon dive.

    Our printed handout last month showed the BeachGrill hours to be:
    "Opens daily 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 10:30 p.m. - 5:00 a.m.", which is what we experienced.

    We've pointed it out before but no one (HELLO RANDYMON??) appears to notice (or take action to fix the website in any case.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnync View Post
    ... Also how has the food/service been lately?
    We were there in late January. Food and service were about same as before. We really like their jerk chicken, jerk burger, fish sandwich, or calamari. We had a fish taco that was "ehhh", but we think that was a fluke (stale shells).

    Service has always been friendly, but they can get backed up if there is a rush on (like when a short downpour brings everyone in from the beach).

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    That is good to know it is just a misprint. Thanks so much for responding and for the information.

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    Just got back last Tuesday. I will agree with Rudi, the fish tacos were so-so, but mainly due to the stale shells.
    My favorite was the jerk burger, yummy! Service was pretty good except one time when they were overwhelmed with a huge rush of people. One guy got pretty angry and made a big fuss, then cancelled his order. I felt sorry for the workers that day, they could have used some back-up help.

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    Here now and the food is great.My favorites are the jerk chicken and the fish sandwich.Service can be a little bit disorganized however.

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