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    Default CSA - Atrium Rooms

    We're ready to press the "Submit" button to make our reservation at CSA for 2010, but just want to confirm our understanding of the rooms there before we make our choice.

    We've read many posts related to rooms at each of the resorts being renovated, (e.g. minibars added, etc) and I’ve lost track of what was happening where. We’re hoping someone who's recently stayed in an Atrium room at CSA could set us straight. The room description leads us to believe these rooms have a shower, but no bath, do not have a TV, and, do not have a minibar. (All of which sound fine to us.) Can anyone verify that is still correct?

    Many thanks!
    Karen & Paul

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    Hi- The atrium rooms are lovely. As of November 2008, you are completely correct. I have seen several posts that there were rumors of adding mini-bars to the room, but I don't think that this has happened. Maybe someone who's stayed in one more recently can verify this.

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    You are correct! I just got home at midnight and spent a FANTASTIC week in an Atrium room at CSA. I'm here now to tell my tale and book for next year already!!!! No TV is wonderful, no mini bar sorta sucks but really, with a barn open all night, who cares-just bring a couple back to the room with you!, and no need for a bath-just wash off the sand so you can re-sand the next day - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    We toured CSA in 07 from CN and saw both a Gardenview w/verandah and Atrium, and hands down TV/Minibar or not Atrium rooms were awesome!!

    My future plans include a split trip to CN/CSA and there is no decision what kind of room we will book at CSA.

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    We specifically take the Atrium Suite (2 story buildings with garden view in the center of the property, so there's no confusion) to avoid the television. As far as the mini-bar goes, we're fine with the pitcher of cold water that's always there. And if I want a bath, I'll grab a bar of soap and walk to the beach. You can't beat the location, the view, or the comfort of the Atrium room.
    Ricky Ginsburg
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    We were just there from 8/21 thru 8/26.
    There was just a shower, no TV..fine w/ me! since we went to the sports complex & had the huge TV to ourselves twice...yay football!
    We also had a mini bar, which was a nice surprise.
    We did not have the hammock, but made due
    btw...our room # was 2130...hth some

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    wileeandrr, that wasn't an atrium you're describining.

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    ElaineChick...what was it?!

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    It sounds like it was one of those beachfront suite 3rd rooms. Was it in the building with two rooms with a great big wraparound porch?

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    No, but that was close by...hmmm...

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