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    Default Favorite room category??

    What is your favorite room category and why?? My hubby and I have been to all the Couples resorts except Sans Souci. I'm looking for rooms with a great view and a large balcony. I like the pics of the ones that have loungers and a table/chairs, not sure which category that is though.
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    That's probably a penthouse or one bedroom ocean suite from your description. We've stayed in a penthouse once before and really liked it. We also have stayed in a one bedroom ocean suite twice. This is our favorite room category because it has a large balcony with lounger and table/chairs and wonderful view from up on the cliffs without the extra cost for a penthouse. We've also stayed in a beachfront suite but were not impressed with the small balcony and no lounger. Will be going back in April for visit #4 and trying a verandah suite as we've heard good things from friends about this room category. Hope you find the suite that works best for you.

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    Without a doubt the one bedroom beachfront suite! We like the ground floor where we walk out the sliding glass door straight to the beach! LOVE IT!
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    We like the Penthouse suites - they have great views, and lots of room for lounging. The one we had last year had two bathrooms - the big one for Mary, and the small one for me. The only down side of our Penthouse suite last year was that it had a (huge) shower, but no bathtub. This year we are requesting a Penthouse Suite with a bathtub.

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    We booked the One Bedroom Ocena Suite specificallyf or the large balcony and loungers!

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    We like the Beachfront suites, but we have not stayed in any other.

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    We did the beachfront suite last time and are doing it again. We're not ones to just sit on a balcony when there's so much to do. The beachfront are near the grill (for late night snacks) and pool bar and they are also the closest to SSB which is the best thing about CSS anyways

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    Thanks for all the great info!!! We took advantage of the new fall sale and booked a beachfront suite last night for Oct 19th-26th. Really excited about going to CSS, it looks so wonderful :-)

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    We got a one bedroom beachfront suite on our 2nd trip to CSS just a couple of months ago. Our room was D11 and we were somewhat disappointed in the balcony, but it didn't diminish our trip at all, CSS is wonderfully romantic. But that particular one bedroom ocean suite room only had a tiny balcony with two metal chairs and a metal round table, barely enough room to walk to the chairs to sit down. Our only view was of vegetation, no ocean to see whatsoever. We had a penthouse our first trip and had two large loungers, a nice table with padded chairs and a wonderful view. We were under the impression the one bedroom ocean suite rooms also had the large balconies with the padded loungers but this particular room did not have that, plus had no view at all. I even stood up on the balcony rail and tried to peer to the left to try to see the ocean but no luck. We could hear the waves sometimes, but not much. The room itself was really nice though, a big extra room with tv and couch and the mini bar, a nice desk sitting area, plus the big bedroom area, and the bathroom was great, a huge big walk in shower (no bath, but I don't do baths so we loved it). So only saying this for informational purposes, that room D11 which is a one bedroom ocean suite does not have a view and has a teensy tiny balcony with just the two metal chairs and table. And we loved being in building D, which is right in the middle of everything so not too far to walk up or down to any activities/restaurants/beach. I double checked that this was a one bedroom ocean suite and was assured it was. We decided not to ask to be moved as it didn't put a damper on our vacation but we were surprised at the balcony and view in this room, and just didn't feel the need to make an issue of it.

    So, on our next trip to CSS we plan to again reserve the one bedroom ocean suite because we loved the room, and will just hope to not get D11 again, but instead hope to get one in a higher building, I think this room is not the norm on this category.

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    Believe me I don't think you can get a bad room at CSS. We were there 2008, with 6 other couples, Dropem and I and one other couple chose the Beachfront Suites, due to those being down stairs, and my ankles, the amount of adult beverages that are available, and stairs just aren't a good mix. But what I was saying that 4 of the couples had suites up on the cliffs, every one had a great balcony most had the lounger, but all of the rooms were different, such a surprise. So if you get something you don't like there may be another available and you may be able to switch, although there may be a charge.

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    We had the one bedroom ocean suite our first trip to CSS. Specifically D9. It was exactly as you described. Tiny balcony with 2 metal chairs and small round metal table. No ocean view at all. All foliage which was pretty but with this catagory we expeced a great view of the ocean. We sit on our balcony alot so it was dissapointing not to have the ocean view and sounds. The room was very nice but just wasn't what we expected as far view. We did love the being in the middle of everything. I will probably try a different catagory on our next trip, just haven't decided which one.

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    We felt the same way redy4vac.... had always heard "every room has an ocean view" and we had always had a room with a great view until we got D11... so now we know of two rooms with no ocean view D11 and D9... like you, we loved our actual room but was disappointed with the balcony since we do enjoy relaxing on the balcony as well.

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    Finally decided on room catagory. Booked the Penthouse Suite today so we could still take advantage of the 2012 special. I hope it has an awesome view.

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