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    Default What Makes the Service at Couples So Good?

    What Makes the Service at Couples So Good?

    Here’s an example:

    We spent the second week in January 2012 at Couples Negril. I was concerned about alcohol in the food because I cannot have alcohol. It cooks out of the entrées, but the deserts are sometimes soaked in rum after baking. I spoke with the Pastry Chef, Burton George and on several occasions he escorted me to the desert tables at the buffets and pointed out the deserts that contained alcohol.

    Saturday afternoon, the day of the Beach Party, while walking through the resort, Tyrone Jackson, the Sous Chef, told me that George was looking for me and wanted to talk to me about the evening’s deserts. I easily found George because he was helping to set up the buffet. He said he had prepared a special desert plate for my wife and I that contained no alcohol. He said that when we were ready for desert, to find him and he would get it for us.

    That evening, after dinner, he was very easy to find because he was constantly bringing out more deserts and interacting with guests who had questions about the deserts. I told him we were ready for desert and he escorted me to our desert plate. Apparently, they were serving 5 different kinds of cupcakes that evening, all of which were soaked in rum. He had prepared 2 of each of these cupcakes for us, a total of TEN cupcakes, just for my wife and me! That’s what I call service!!!

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    Wow! That's just darn right awesome!

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    Gotta love it! Kudos to the chef!

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    How special you must have felt!!!!

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    If you ask one hundred couples, what makes any of the four resorts so great, 99 out of that 100 will tell you it's the staff. Just as the chef was going out of his way to please you, so does the rest of the staff do the same. Staff is genuinely kind and helpful, ready to take care of just about whatever it is that someone wants. They really do care about each and every guest. And the guests really notice it.

    Here's just one example. We were at the main bar, and my wife asked for Pepsi in the bottle. Tinesha didn't hesitate one minute and said, "I'll go back in the kitchen and get you one". I hardly ever hear any staff say, "Sorry, we don't have that, or I can't get you this". That's what makes staying at Couples so terrific.

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    Couples has been that way since 1980 (our first trip). Back then we had a staff member assigned to us to take care of any needs we had - his name was Carlos. They cannot do enough for you. Of all the places we have been over the years, no other resort comes close to the superior staff and management at all 4 Couples Resort.

    This all started when it was opened as Tower Isle by Abbe Issa. Just finished a wonderful read "Mr. Jamaica" by Suzanne Issa (one of his daughters). One of many important parts of the book relates to his staff was treated the same as the guests and continues to this day! That's why we consider them family.

    That's why we choose our message board name and it was no brainer!

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    Great example - thanx for sharing...and here is one more. On our first day during our very first visit to CN, my wife had gotten sick on the trip and didn't feel up to dinner. As it happens, it was a day where there was no buffet available, just sit down dinners, so lonely old me went looking for food....and ended up at the front desk inquiring about a sandwich. Within minutes, Tyrone, not only made me a great ham sandwich, it was delivered with all the trimmings. More than anything this set the stage for our loyalty to the resort. The staff is not only NICE, they are EXCEPTIONAL at their jobs and seem to ACTUALLY LIKE YOU (what a concept)....

    BTW _ We've been back every year since...and are arriving at CN TOMORROW -- JErke Chicken, Onion Rings and cool Red Strip HERE I COME...

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    We were at CN in 2008 and hd several experiences that convinced us about how great the staff is.

    My husband, who had never been out of the country or had fresh coconut, was talking to the chef one afternoon. When he mentioned he had never had fresh coconut and was asking all about how it looked, tasted, etc, the chef went in and brought him a cold one with the top cut off and a straw in it so that he could experience the coconut water.

    One evening at the main bar, Franklyn asked what I would like to drink. My husband was drinking frozen, fruity drinks, but I didn't want one as sweet. So I told Franklyn I wanted something rummy, but not so sweet. He thought about it for a min and brought me a wonderful concoction of rum, cranberry juice and some other stuff. I drank them all night, until it was time for the main bar to close and for Franklyn to get off work. I told him I was sad that he was leaving and was afraid no one else would be able to make my drink (he didn't have a name for it, he just kind of made it up). So, he said if I would wait until he was finished cleaning up, he would go up to the piano bar with us to show the bartender how to make my drink.

    We are not demanding people and had no expectations that anyone would go out of their way to please us personally. On these and other occasions, the staff offered to do things that were not necessary, but that made the biggest difference between us merely having a good time and a wonderful time. I can't say enough good things about the staff at CN.

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    I love these stories!!
    We were at CN over New Years week 2012 (our 2nd visit) and unfortunately at the very end of our wonderful trip, I came down with the flu. I didn't eat anything for a day but figured I should maybe try to eat a banana. My husband asked several people for a banana at the Beach Grill bar and at Cassava Terrace but no luck! No one could provide him with one. So then I called Guest Relations, explained that I wasn't feeling well, and asked if there was anywhere that I could find a banana. Within 15 minutes, the kind young gentleman from the Guest Services desk was at my door with two perfectly ripe bananas wrapped in plastic. I was so grateful. This is another example of why I love CN.

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    I recently had 2 couples at CTI, one of them does not drink anything except O'Douls, I had emailed the resort ahead of time and they said they would try to arrange to have it there. They did not, but the clients talked to Maxine and she had someone get it for the gentleman----and bring it to his room~! Above and beyond! The other couple had dropped a very special earring down the sink, she did not want to bother anyone, knowing it was her own fault, she happened to mention it at breakfast to Maxine who was stooping by there table to make sure everything was going good, she told the woman to go back to the room and wait for maitinence to come to the room, within five minutes he showed up and took the sink apart and retrieve the earring!!!! What other resort would do that?
    Thank you Maxine and all the wonderful staff at CTI for taking such good care of my clients!

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