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    Default Weather for TI in August??

    We are thinking about going in late August (as this is when the prices seem to drop), but I was wondering if anyone who has been there around this time could tell me what the weather is like. I read somewhere that July and August are the hottest months, but how hot is HOT?! And isn't it hurricane season in the caribbean around this time? I don't want to get all rained out, so if anybody has some insight, I'd appreciate it! THANKS

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    Hello uagirl90!
    My wife and I honeymooned at CTI 8/30/03 and have been back two other times for our anniversary (2009/ 2011) also in late August. The weather has been exceptional. I'd say the temperature ranged in the mid to upper 80's. There were varying days of rain, but nothing so significant that it hindered or in any way put a damper on our vacation. As a matter of fact, while we've been there, we've never experienced an entire day of rain. Mostly sun and fun! I say, go for it!

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    We went to CTI last August from the 19-29th. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! At home in Delaware they were having a hurricane!

    I do recommend you purchase the trip cancellation insurance as you just do not know what the weather is going to be. Our original plans were to be to the Bahamas. Sure glad we changed our minds as that same hurricane that hit Delaware hit parts of The Bahamas.

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    We were at CSA and CSS for the first two weeks last August and the weather was great. Temps were in the high 80's to low 90's. Had an afternoon shower a couple days while at CSA and no rain while at CSS. As to some peolple that might complain about it being to "hot", this is something I chuckle about. I think that is all relevant to where they live. I happen to live in Texas along the gulf coast. We were leaving temps that had been hanging around 105 degrees, high humidity and a long drought so upper 80's and a little rain was a nice break for us. People who live in the northern latitudes may not be acclimated and feel it's a bit warm and therefore say it's "too hot". As for hurricanes, there is no way of predicting, that's what trip insurance is for. From what others have said Couples is pretty good about rescheduling your dates. We had a strong tropical storm threaten our stay but luckily turned north before it got to Jamaica. Wouldn't let it affect your decision about going this time of year. You could have a longer stay with the money you save .

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