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    Default Al and Lori 1-11-12 Couples Negril

    I can't say enough about how wonderful and perfect our wedding was at CN. We were married at 11 and that was a perfect time. I got my hair and make-up done in the salon and she did it exactly as the picture had shown. The day was beautiful!!!! We had the resort do our photo's, and I absolutely loved them. Congratulations to future brides, this will be the most amazing day of your life. Don't stress the small stuff, it all falls into place....

    Here is our link to our photo's.

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    Congratulations! I love how you guys walked down the aisle together. So sweet! Was your bouquet an upgrade?

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    Thank you, My flowers were an upgrade. They cost 50.00. I really liked them and thought they were beautiful but I don't know if they were really worth the 50.00. They were much better then the ones that came with the package and I don't regret spending the 50.00. I walked half way down by myself and then he meet me where the sand meet the walkway, to me it was much more romantic him coming to get his bride and I did not want him to see me in my dress till then.

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    great photos! the bride was glowing

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    i love them! sooo romantic!!! im gonna be planning my wedding here for 2013 any tips??? i wonder if we can bring our own boutonniere,bouque and decor for the cake! to go with the them of course...but i wonder if that be ok!

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    beautiful pictures thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing your photos, what photo package did you get? We are booked for our wedding in October 2012, and it is a ways off, but very excited.

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    Just beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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    mrshills 101, you can bring whatever you perfer to bring. The only suggestion I do have is relax and take it all in, don't stress about the little things. The resort works with you on what you want, they are awesome..
    J&jborsch, we ended up getting package that came with 90 photo's and then a book that was made with the photo's. I think it was in the 700 or so. I was freaked out about the price of what the photo's etc. were going to be before we left but while we were there I decided the price is all worth it because this is once in a lifetime. We did not have anyone with us, so these were our only pictures of the wedding also. Someone at the resort did take photos of us with my camera after our ceremony but not during the ceremony. You will not be disappointed

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