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    Default larry and laura CSA vow renewal 5-14-12 10am

    from camp hill, pa. doing our 10 yr renewal at CSA at 10am on 5-14. any info on vow renewals i would love. want to keep it simple. not sure about how these are done. do we need new rings? i wish i could see some pics from the resort photographer. do not want to spend a ton of money but do want a couple pics.

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    Hi Larry & Laura.
    I can't answer your question, but I grew up in Camp Hill, class of '76. Moved to New Hampshire in 1988. Heading to CN in 16 days, and going to CSA, for a day, for our friend's vow renewal ceremony. Good luck with your vow renewal.
    John C

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    Default brawd

    We renewed our vows (40 yrs) last August and it was soooooo wonderful!! We were very lucky to be able to get Cecil for our photos. He's just one of the inhouse photographers and he did great. We ended up buying quite a few of his pics even though our son & daughter in law were there and took pics. We did ours at 4 p.m. on the beach and it was wonderful!!! We were treated like newlyweds, just felt so special. The resort does a great job on the whole renewal. And no, we did not have to get new rings. My husband ordered a beautiful crystal cake topper for 40th anniversary and we had champagne and cake and it was great. I would say well worth the money. My son & his wife were so impressed. Congratulations, I know you will love it.

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    hey thanks john! we have 94 days to go yet. i grew up in new jersey but my husband larry graduated from cedar cliff in 74. small world. have a great vacation!

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