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    Default Some pics of CSS

    We returned recently from a great stay at San Souci. I am very thankful for all the info and insight that is shared on this wonderful forum.

    If anybody wants more details feel free to ask.

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    great insight into css, thanks

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    Great Pics! Thank-you so much for posting. When did you go to CSS? Was it a rainy time of year there? My husband and I will be going late May-early June to renew our vows and are so greatful for all the extra info and pictures Thank-you again.

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    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. We are going next month, so it was expecially nice to see them.

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    I have a question since you just got back from there. My boyfriend and I are going at the beginning of May and no one has been able to answer our question of if you can order hot breakfast foods like sausage, for breakfast off the room service menu. I know you can at CTI, but not sure about at CSS. Also thanks for the pics, makes me even more excited about going there.

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    Hi, we were there from Jan. 15 - Jan. 29. It did not rain once while we were there.

    No aero87, while the breakfast had a lot of options there was not hot food availlable.

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    Thanks for the pics! We will be there on 3/12!!!

    No hot breakfast food for room service. We always order pastries and juice early about 6:30 am and sit on balancy and enjoy. Then we have a real breakfast at 8:30am ish

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    Thanks for clearing that up thurston4sun and trhops. I'm still excited to be going, CSS looks and sounds wonderful.

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    Great Pics! Aero87 - go with trhops advice and order pastries and juice/coffee from room service early and then head to Palazzina to get a made to order omelette from won't be disappointed!!!

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    Thanks for sharing the pictures! We are so excited .. October 2012 Honeymoon!

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    Awesome Pics!!!! We will be there in June!!!!

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    Thanks for all of the great pictures!

    It looks like there is a Newton dive boat in a couple of the photos. This is the first time that I have seen this type of boat at CSS -- does anyone know if this is permanent or just a visitor?

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    Great pictures...thanks for sharing!!!! We leave in 4 days!!!

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    When I posted that album I think that I was numbed from Post Vacation Depression. We had booked 7 months in advance and I couldn't believe that I wasn't thinking about our up and coming vacation. I am thrilled that so many have viewed that album and find it helpful in planning or at least looking forward to their vacation at CSS.

    I'm sure many of you have read my review on Trip Advisor. There is so many things that I wish I would have added or taken photos of, maybe future travelers can fill those gaps.

    One thing that I wished I would have commented on is the amazing bird in a cage between Pallazina's and the Beachfront building - Block B, Begonia. We walked by it many times each day on our two week vacation and really thought that it looked unhappy. It seems like a terrible place for such a beautiful creatue, between the restaurant and the parking lot. It was always biting at the cage and seemed like it just wanted out. We really felt sorry for it.

    I do digress, I hope you all enjoy CSS, and find some angle to take photos of to share with all of us when you return.

    thurston4sun, (Gina and Gary) Jan 15 - 29.

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