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    Default cti private dinner

    I'm wondering about the private dinner. I saw it's $170 for the beach, but i feel like on the mb i read about people having dinner on the island. how much is this? can it be combined into the honeymoon package? also, i am aware of how special and private it would be, but tell me more about the food. was it much different than what you would get at 8 rivers? thanks!!!!

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    $240/250 on the island. They have no more than 3 couples on the island in 3 different locations with a personal server, bar and chef. I think the menu is usually a surf & turf, but not sure. I know people that have had the dinner on the island and loved it. To me it is much more private on the island than the beach. jmo.

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    Dinner on the island is around 260. Worth EVERY penny. In 8 years, the best steak and lobster we've ever had on-property was on this last trip when we did the island dinner.

    We've done the beach dinner a couple of times as well, but are 100% sold on the island being the way to go.

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    We did the dinner on the island last summer and it was wonderful! We were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary (was married there), they gave us a menu with our names on it, bottle of couples wine, petals of red roses on our bed when we came back. It was amazing, if you do it try to face the hotel as the lights from the hotel are beautiful.

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    We had it on the beach when we were at CTI two years ago. It was the highlight of the trip. There was one other couple that evening doing the same, but they were far enough away that you didn't even notice them.

    Because of the way CTI is laid out (and the lack of activities at that level in the evening), it was very secluded.

    I know your question is aimed at the dinner on the island, but I can say that the one on the beach was wonderful. I can't say that the island would be any better.

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    We have eaten at 8 Rivers many many times. The food is fabulous...but the dinner on the Private Island dinner was even better!!! It was so absolutely special and romantic and remote! We have seen some couples having their private beach dinner. The rest of the resort guests are just above you milling about going to the bar, dinner, etc. JMO but if you are going to spend extra $ for a private dinner - The island is the way to go!! From the lovely ride over to the island, throughout dinner listening to the waves crashing all around us to the view of the mainland from the Tower at the end of the evening. Magical!!! *also, this is a great night to pre-order a really nice bottle of wine from the Managers Wine List. You do pay for it however there are great wines at every pricepoint!*

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    My hubby is a wine rep, so we were actually thinking about bringinga bottle or two of our favorites down for a couple of special dinners. I'm guessing this is ok?

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