Hello everyone. The fiance and I have decided after spending 2 months going back and forth on CN! Now, have just a few questions (probably more to come later..) on booking. We're going for our honeymoon and want to make sure things are done right.

1. Booking from Couples with flight seems to have the best price. My only concern is that there are 2 "packages" on the booking site that are priced differently for the same room (Pg2e vs G12e promo). Anyone know what this is? We're booking for end of June 2012.

2. Just want clarification, but it looks like we can book it now with a $1500 deposit but there is no charge to cancel or change outside 46 days of the booking date, is that right?

3. Can travel insurance be purchased with somebody else? Is it usually cheaper to go with the one Couples offers through the web site?

4. Other than asking for the honeymoon perks (Champagne and couples massage) is there anything else we need to or should look for doing/signing up for?

5. What are the chances that our book date/time becomes unavailable in the next couple weeks? Silly question but figured I'd ask anyway.

Thanks in advance