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Thread: December 2012

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    Getting close! Final balance just paid this week! In 42 days will be sitting on the beach having a hummingbird and watching the sunset. Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beergirl View Post
    Hey Smilemon! It will be great to share the shade with you again. It's been TOO long!

    Hi Beergirl-
    Look forward to seeing you. It has been 3 long years since we have been back. (Health issues and other.) But we are SO excited to be going back for trip #7!!! 44 days!!!
    See you Soon, Becky
    Have a Happy Day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smilemon View Post
    Hi Beergirl-
    Look forward to seeing you. It has been 3 long years since we have been back. (Health issues and other.) But we are SO excited to be going back for trip #7!!! 44 days!!!
    See you Soon, Becky

    We will be traveling along with Smilemon but we are only on trip #5 but it has also been 3 years for us!
    Holly & Adam

    Melody and Tom: I can't wait to catch you up on what is new "on a stick" at the Minnesota State Fair!

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    I can't wait to see everyone!!!!!!

    Holly!! HAHAHA!!! Can't wait to go over the "on the stick" items with you!! Meet in the hot tub with a few drinks to discuss!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

    Don't forget XMAS hats for the Hatters Meet-Up. Was pretty fun last year!!

    37 more days!!! Bring it!!!

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    4 weeks from today we will be arriving at CN; can hardly wait!!

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    Forty one days, finally. When I first booked my computer calendar it was showing something like 401 days. Now my other calendar says over 400 days for 2013, but not thinking about that now, with this year's vacation right around the corner!

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    We'll be home again from the 1st to the 10th. It was our 30th anniversary this year and we could not think of a better place to celebrate. We are also repeaters,this will be our 7th or maybe 8th time, I've lost count.

    Bob & Sandy
    New Jersey

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    My wife and I coming home from the 1st to the 10th. It was our 30th anniversary this year and we could not think of anyplace we would rather go. We are also repeaters, this is our 7th or 8th time, I've lost count.

    Bob & Sandy
    New Jersey

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    25 more days!!

    Can't wait to see everyone!

    Joe and Rita, see you then! Nice that you are returning! Bring Xmas hats for the meetup!!

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    17 days til paradise! One Bob Marly shot and then a beach chair for the next two hours. Im feeling more relaxed just thinking about it! Happy Thanksgiving to all! The Wife has bought her Christmas hat so she can join the Christmas Haters Group! Cant find one that fits my big round head! lol

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    Thanksgiving is over....The X-mas lights are up....we just had our first snow dusting....brrr.....the X-mas shopping is almost complete.....luggage is out of the basement....dumbing down the clothes for lighter travel.....Work is in full "end of year" congestion mode...Toots and the Maytals cranking in the evening.....pre tanning on the cold tanning bed in the morning....brrr.....THE COUNTDOWN HAS BEGUN.....tick..tock..tick..tock.....18 more sleeps till LIFTOFF!!!!! As Melody would say......"BRING IT"!

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    Will be at CN Dec 5-11. Can't wait to be home!

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    Hahaha Louroso1! Christmas Haters Group...LOL. I am sure that you just dropped the "t", but I thought it pretty funny that there might be another meetup for Xmas HATERS group as well as the Xmas Hatters Meetup!! Gave me a real good laugh...doesn't hurt that we are only 10 days away from getting to Paradise and I was already a little giggly !! Sounds like we are going to have a good time on Dec 12th!!! A little bird told me that it will also be Larry's B-day that day as well. BOB MARLEYS ALL AROUND!!!
    10 more days!!!!

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    Emanuele & Amanda
    38 and 36
    We will also be there Dec. 1-8
    From: Las Vegas
    1 girl (4.5 years old) and 1 boy (19 months old)

    This will be our first trip to Couples. We will be celebrating our 10th anniversary. It is just around the corner and we are so excited!

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    HAHA Joe~!
    Bring it is RIGHT!!

    9 more days...............
    ya, mon

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    Yea for Bob Marleys on Larry's big day. I'll make it easy on everyone's wallet, I'll buy the drinks!
    These little birds must be the three little birds they sing about in Jamaica because a little bird told me that Larry is going to be sporting a new birthday outfit ( or was it the lizards that told me? ) humm
    Getting some serious packing done today. It is 12 more days for us, and I'm going to need every minute.
    Like the dog said when the train ran over his tail "it won't be long now"

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    Karen & Skip
    Dec 6-15th

    3 more sleeps! Can't wait!

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    @ us some sun!! We will be there in 4 more sleeps!! Tell Skip "hi" from Tom and Melody!! are too funny!! I hope Larry is going to iron the wrinkles out of that birthday suit but it doesn't matter, I will LOOK anyways

    We are all packed.....just a couple last minute items. Xmas hats are bought and packed. Precheckin is done. So excited!!!!

    See you all soon!!!!

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    Names: Bobby and Marianne
    Ages: 38 and 36
    Dates at CN: Dec 23rd - 29th
    Times to Couples: 0
    From: Tennessee

    Oh man I can't wait!
    This will be the first time my wife has had a vacation in two years and we are so excited.

    This will also be our first time in Jamaica and at Couples.

    I've already wasted a whole day at work yesterday just going through the forums and getting answers to questions.
    One thing I couldn't find though, does the wifi reach all the way to the beach at CN?
    We haven't told anyone we are going and I want to use my tablet to Skype some people from the beach on Christmas to surprise them (read: make them jealous).
    If not, that's cool.
    I just thought it would be awesome.

    US: "Merry Christmas!"
    Them: "You too. Wait, where are you?"
    US: "Oh Jamaica."
    Them: "WHAAAAT!?"

    See y'all soon.

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    48 hours from right now we will be going thru customs! Can not wait! The Christmas Hats are packed and now just waiting til morning to do the on line flight check in. See you all at the swim up bar! and beach!

    God Bless and safe travels to all going!

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    5 more days. 99.99% packed.

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    Default Soon come mon...

    It won't be long now...

    Later......... Joe D.

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    haven't felt real excited, we leave in 6 hrs for the airport and can't sleep, so I must be at least a little excited. I'm already missing my dog, he's vactions at my parents with their little dog, I think they think they are brother and sister. Had to take his pooh bed, pillow, blankie and my bathrobe that he has taken over since we got him. maybe I can't sleep because he isn't here to sleep with me. Already missing the grand kids too. Maybe my beach chair and some cool runnings will help.
    All packed, didn't take long, about 2 hrs don't take much, on the beach most of the time see everyone there in a fe hours

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    Shila & Ben
    1st time to Couples Negril
    December 15-22

    So excited!!

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