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    Default Newbie question!

    We are looking to book are first vacation as CSA either this summer or fall and have some questions. I have been reading these boards for months and can't hardly wait to be there.
    1. What is the weather like in July vs. first of Oct? Sort of worried about hurricanes in October and really don't want to wait that long.
    2. BFVS or BFS My hubby really wants a TV, but it sounds like the BFS are the way to go. What is the difference? Do the bathrooms for both of these have a bathtub and or shower? Are the bathrooms private? I appreciate your help with this!! Can't wait to finally book our trip!!

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    I'm going to be honest here... the weather really depends on what the person likes. We went to Jamaica in June/July once and wont go again that time of year. It was way too humid for us. We love the weather in October/Nov. We usually go the last week of Oct and first week of Nov. That is just OUR opinion on the weather.
    We have never stayed on the BFVS but we stay in the BFS when we go. We LOVE them. My husband is a sport junky and was worried about not having a TV in his room the first time but now he would not have it any other way. It seems to be so much more relaxing to but someone cutoff from everything. We have gone to the sports complex to watch the world series in the past when the Yankees were in it. So there are options if it absolutly necessary.. lol He would also stop by the internet cafe to check scores every now and then too. But we love the BFS. We like the set up and I think they are a little bigger, at least the patio is. The BFS dont have a bathtub but we dont miss it. We are not bath people anyways. The bathrooms are of course private though. Hope this helps!

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    Thank so much for the helpful answers. As much as I hate to wait until Oct/Nov, that might be the best bet. I don't think my husband will be able to do with out TV. I would love not to have a TV, cell phone or computer! That would be a great vacation!! Thanks again for you input!

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    Ooh...if you go in November - my fiance and I will be there! Well - he won't be my fiance anymore, he will be my husband We will be there November 19-26 and look forward to meeting lots of fun people!

    (Sorry I just joined this community recently, and am answering this post a little late as it seems )

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