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    What kind of shoes is everyone wearing for their wedding? This is probably the only thing I've been freaking out about with my destination wedding. I'm going for my alterations in a few weeks and have no idea what I should do about the length since I dont know if I'll be barefoot or wearing some type of shoe.

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    Im going to wear a pair of flip flops.

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    I went barefoot.

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    i am going barefoot! our vow renewal is on the beach.

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    I just bought these in cream to wear at my wedding!! I haven't got them in yet. Since its the middle of winter finding cute sandals at the mall was impossible. They are starting to get some in though.

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    I wore barefoot sandals. gave my feet a little bit of sparkle. Just search on the net barefoot sandal. I think I bought mine off ebay.

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    I also wore barefoot sandals. I actually had my friend make them for me. For me this was perfect. I would rather go barefoot all the time then to be in shoes. Go with what you feel comfortable with.

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    I am in the same dilemma! When I ordered my dress I said I was going to go barefoot so they ordered the hem length like that. Now I decided I want cute shoes for pictures around the resort, but my dress might look too short!

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    Those are beautiful. Thank you for putting the link up. I was thinking barefoot but those are so beautiful I just may get them too.

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    Brynn: That's what I'm worried about. I want to wear shoes for the pictures but if I'm barefoot on the beach I'm worried the dress is going to be too long. I think I'm just going to look for some heels that i can kick off when I get to the sand and slide them right back on afterwards for some pictures.

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    I'm wearing "barefoot" sandals...Here's a link...

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    I wore a pair of barefoot sandals that I found on etsy! I loved them! they were comfterable and dressed up my bare feet a little bit.

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    I decided to get a pair of delicate ivory flats for my wedding. I don't quite want to go barefoot, because my dress is too formal for such a relaxed, lovely, casual style, but I also didn't want anything with much of a heel at all, due to the certainty of walking on softer terrain, like grass or sand. After scouring the internet for bridal shoe options, I found this site, (Also note the less expensive sister sites linked at the top of the page!) that contained a number of beautiful bridal shoes, with an easy option for narrowing down the search to shoes with little to no heel.

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    I decided to order a pair of delicate bridal flats for the wedding day. I love the idea of going barefoot, but such a casual style wouldn't really work well with my ballgown dress. I found that this website had a great selection of bridal shoes, as well as a way to sort them by heel height, so that you could find a low-heel shoe that was sand-friendly with ease.

    Also, for brides on a budget, check out the sister site, (Linked at the top of the My Glass Slipper site...) or the Discount Wedding Shoes tab. (Located on the lower left of the My Glass Slipper site.)

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    I am going to wear wedges. Flat so heels wont sink in sand but still give me height.Name:  shoe.jpg
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    I'm going barefoot for the ceremony (well, with barefoot sandals) and I bought some wedge flip flops for walking around the resort to get to locations for pictures. We're doing a trash the dress shoot, so I have a second dress for dinner. With that dress, I have multi-colored blue wedge sandals.

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    Cute Becky! I have similar ones in ivory.

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    Oh, and I should say that my dress is being hemmed for bare feet, but just with my toes peeking out. That way, when I put the flip flops on later (2.5" wedge), it won't look too short.

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