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    I'm trying to do something fun for my hubby and friends for our trip to CN. I am looking for Jamaican sayings. I want a different one for each person! Does anyone have any? I'd like the saying and the meaning! Thanks!

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    Well, if you've ever been to a Couples resort, the housekeeping staff leaves a little card on the pillow daily that has a Jamaican folk saying, usually written in Patois. There's also an encourgement to ask your housekeeper to help you if you don't understand the saying.

    If you've never been, well, hopefully someone can post a few of these, which can be sharp in tone at times, but words to live by, none-the-less.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    There is someone that may be able to help you with that. Go on Facebook and search Adrian Cain. He works the main dining room, mornings and nights. He is a good friend and should be a good source for true Jamaican sayings. Tell him Richie sent you.

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    We purchased at the CTI store a book titled "LMH Official Dictionary of Popular Jamaican Phrases and also "LMH Official Dictionary of Sex Island Style" compiled by L. Mike Henry/K. Sean Harris. You may be able to get them a bookstore or online before you go.

    The most common phrases they use is "Wa-Gwan" which means "What's going on". A response could be "Nuhton" = nothing.

    Hopefully this helps and have a wonderful time!

    Paul and Debbie
    Loyalists since 1980

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    Thanks Richie! I have tried to find him on facebook but there are so many people with that name. I am going to keep searching! Any other tips on finding him would be great!

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    hi im jamaican born and can help you out with that, if there is anything specific you would want to know the patois phrase for then i can "translate". here is a run down of the most common ones;

    *spelling varies but translations the same across the island*

    "wa-gwaan"- hello/how you doing/whats going on
    "me deh ya"- im ok/im here ....... can mean location or state of mind
    "cum ya"- come here
    "go easy"- chill out
    "weh yuh deh pon"- what are you doing/up to
    "yuh tek mi fi fool" - do you think im stupid(might be useful for some vendors lol)
    "mi glad bag buss"- im very happy
    "kibba yuh mouth"-shut up
    "zeen"- ok/cool
    "likkle more"-later
    "soon forward"- soon come
    "cool nuh man"- take it easy/calm down
    "jah know"- god knows

    some cool jamaican sayings are;
    "you a give me basket fi carry water"- the task is impossible
    "wanty wanty cant get it and getty getty, dont want it" - people who are fortunate dont realize what they have and those who wish they were will never be.

    as i said there is so many this would take all day, but i can tell you any of them if you tell me the english version of the saying.

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    Other than the usual Irie, respect, no problem, and Ya Mon you can try these:

    •Puss and dawg nuh have di same luck
    Some people are luckier than others
    •What a fi yu, cyaan be un fi yu
    What is yours will always be yours
    •When puss belly full im seh rat batty bitter
    People forget where they come from
    •Young bud nuh know storm
    Experience teaches wisdom
    •Man nuh dead nuh call dem duppy
    Never underestimate people
    •Dawg a sweat an long hair hide it
    All that glitters is not gold
    •Every dawg have him day an every puss him 4 o'clock
    Every dog has his day
    •When trouble ketch yu pickney shut fit yu
    Any port in a storm

    But hopefully that port is at Couples! The best place to ride out any storm.

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    We call our three year old, "lil Pickney"

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    This one was left for us one night

    Idle dawg make sheep nervous

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    every micke me a muckle- no matter how small something is it counts
    one one coco full full basket- one step at a time/used mostly for saving

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    A few visits back I found a couple of books on Patios phrases at the bookstore in Sunshine Plaza in Negril.

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    These are perfect! Thank you everyone! In 21 days we will be at CN! Can't wait!

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