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Thread: Diet Ting

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    Default Diet Ting

    It's been about a year since our last trip. Is Diet Ting available at any of the bars at CN yet? If not it sure would be a great idea!

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    I completely agree!!! Gin and Diet Ting-- yummy.

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    I was begging for this on the mb last year. Either diet ting or diet tonic would be greatly appreciated. Not everyone wants 800calorie blender drinks all day!

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    No diet Ting at couples. I really wish Couples would be more diet and low carb friendly with their drink mixer selections.

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    randymon, is there a chance this might happen? please?

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    I love Ting, I didn't even realize they made diet Ting

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    Absolute and diet ting sounds very good. Absolute and ting can get too sweet after awhile.

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    If I'm going to cti, is there somewhere I can purchase diet ting? Gift shop or bodega nearby? Thanks. Hate to think I'll be smuggling a 12 pack of fresca in to Jamaica

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    Wife is diabetic, and would love to have some sugar-free drink options besides just water. Since this is our first trip to Couples, we have a concern about that. What can we expect?

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    they have diet pepsi in the minfridge I think

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    Interesting that only nine of us would like to see Diet Ting at the bars.

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    I would drink enough to count 10 of us.

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    I'd love to see Diet Ting!!!

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    I'd love diet ting as well - any calorie cutting helps!

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    I might be wrong, but I don't think diet ting exists

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    When on vacation I usually do not order anything diet, when at home I do. Could explain why I always gain at least 8 pounds while at CN. I do think they should offer, and I think they do offer, drinks and food for those who can't use sugar or other types of spices or whatever it is called, like gluten free. If they don't have Diet Ting it would be nice for those who need the diet drinks. It goes so good with Vodka.

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    But they DO make Diet Ting! Randymon, what say you about getting Diet Ting at the bars?

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    We would love to have Diet - Ting as an option in the mini-bar.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Putting in my "woohoo" for Diet Ting.

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    Oooh....I want a diet Ving. Sounds delish!

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    Would love, love, love DIET TING. Refreshing and not too filling!

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    One more vote for Diet Ting.

    Come on Randy, Gary, anyone????? Please? Diet Pepsi is not the best option for everyone and right now that is the only diet drink.

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    My apologies, it really does exist, so I'm adding my name to the list, diet ting, please!

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    Oooo, yes, diet Ting would be da 'ting! I love Ting but I can't drink much of it becuase of all the sugar so I put in my vote for it too!

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