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Thread: Diet Ting

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    Diet Pepsi and Overproof is a good choice for us until more choices present themselves. Coconut water and Overproof (see my trend, yet?) is great as well.

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    Yes, there was club soda at the bars and we requested it in our room. I brought like 4 favors of mio with me and my hubby (who did drink the sugary drinks on the beach all day) said that some of the drinks I mixed in the room were just as good.
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    Bump to the top. Heading to CN in October 2013. Surely would like to see some Diet Ting!!!!!

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    Heading back to CSS October 2013. Absolutely LOVE ting and would like to have diet ting available even if only for mini bar selection.
    For the doubters Diet Ting absolutely exists and can usually be purchased through Amazon.

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    Any word on if they are carrying diet Ting yet? I

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    diet ting all the way. Even if they only put it in the mini bars. I would be perfectly happy making my own drink or even carting it down to the bars with me.

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    Heading home in 52 days. What say you about Diet Ting, Randymon??

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    So is there Diet Ting yet??

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    Quote Originally Posted by kycouple View Post
    Does any one know where we can buy Ting here in the US? I found this web site,, but it is a little expensive and I don't know anything about them. I emailed to see if they have Diet Ting. If they do I will let you know.
    I'm not sure if you have Kroger grocery stores where you are, but our Kroger here in SC carries it. Not in the regular soda isle, but they have a seperate isle for "ethnic" foods. Lots of Jamaican items available, Walkerswood Jerk, Graces products, Ting, etc.

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    Look out Kroger here I come!

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    Would LOVEo see diet ting at couples. For those who like to reduce their sugar intake and avoid caffeine this would be amazing. I know it's impossible to satisfy everyone but if you don't drink caffeine the only choice is water. Please! Please! Please!

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    I enjoyed quite a few gin and Tings last April, would love diet also. I'm hoping ....

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