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    Default Repeaters dinner, would it be rude to leave friends

    Hi - my husband and I will be back on CN in April. We are very excited to be going back and happy that we will be invited to the repeaters dinner. We are travelling with another couple and this is their first time outside the USA, to Jamaica and to CN. It looks like the dinner is held on Monday evening, which is our last night there. Do you think it would be rude to go to the dinner and have them fend for themselves? I'd hate to miss the repeaters dinner.

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    Hi misskathy,
    Since it's your last night, you will have had the opportunity to have many dinners with your friends, so I don't think it would be awful to let them know you would like to go to the Repeater's Dinner. How about meeting them at your favorite bar after dinner for a farewell--hope to be back soon--night cap?:-)

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    Leave them. By then they will have met new best friends.

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    ewwww tough one

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    I don't think it would be rude...rather, they may enjoy their 'last night' to themselves!

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    No,also they may want a night to dine alone romantically.

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    I think you would regret it if you didnt go!!!! They are friends, they will understand. It is a great perk, dont miss it!!!
    One Love,

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    No offense, but by that time your friends may be looking to experience the "Couples-ness" of it all, and may appreciate spending their final dinner romantically alone. You can always have a big celebratory lunch and/or meet after dinner at one of the bars....By the final night they should feel comfortable navigating the resort on their own....

    Have fun!!

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    This is a tough one. There have been several times that we have been to CN with friends that were newbies and couldn't attend the repeaters dinner. It is because of that we didn't make it to a repeaters dinner until our 5th trip to CN.

    I guess I am saying that yeah, it would be a little rude, you should have your last dinner with your friends.

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    Not rude at all as long as you don't spring it on them on Monday afternoon. You could make your penultimate night the great end of holiday friends' dinner, then they could have a romantic meal on their own on Monday - they might even prefer it!

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    We kind of had the same quandry last year. The couple enjoyed the evening doing what they wanted and we did meet up afterward. With us though, and we do this whenever we travel with our friends, we make certain we all know that we do not have to be together the entire time but we set a time for eating meals. That way if we all show up fine, if no one shows up fine and if only one couple shows up fine no problem mon.

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    Hi Misskathy,
    We had the same problem when we were at CSA. Our friends understood that we really wanted to attend the repeaters dinner so they were ok with it. It also gave them time to have a nice private dinner without us. The problem you have is that it's the last night of your vacation and not in the middle like ours was. My advice is to just ask them if they'd mind dining alone and that you'll meet them afterwards. If they're good friends they'll probably understand how much it means to you. Gee they might even be tired of having eaten every dinner with you guys so they'll be more than happy to agree. Good luck and enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    If you are not going till April, why not ask them about it now? I'm sure if you explain what the repeaters dinner is and that you have been anticipating attending your first one they will understand. And once they have been in Jamaica for a couple of days they will probably have no problem separating from you for dinner, even on the last night. It is Couples after all. It will give you something to talk about on the trip back home and will give them something to look forward to on their next trip. And you know they will be planning their next trip even before the week is out.

    Have a great trip!

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    Live your last day there as if it's your last day there. If when the dinner time comes you don't feel like going, then don't. I know that we did not want to have any plans our last night there. Don't even worry about it now. The answer will become clear when you are there.

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    It will be just fine , just tell them well in advance that you will be attending the repeaters dinner on Monday night.

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    We are going to be Repeater's in Appril. We are traveling with my sister and her husabnd, their first time. We have told them we are going to "DITCH" them for the evening meal on Monday. It will give them some alone time.

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    Would it be time to spend time as a couple at Couples? Hardly. :-p

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