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    Have queried this before but it didn't get posted. How are posters classified? For example, Junior Member, Member and Senior Member - how do you get 'upgraded' to Member or Senior Member?

    I believed it was on the number of posts and thought I saw a post which stated that you became a Member after you had posted 30 times but I have posted more than 30 and am still a Junior Member; I have seen members with over 100 posts and they are also Junior Members and also members with 100+ posts who are classified as Senior Members.

    Would be good to know how posters are classified.


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    Never noticed... never cared...

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    The classifications mean nothing. There was someone who was a frequent poster (who has since been banned from the MB) who had so many more posts than I did when the new MB went into place, and he hadn't even been to Couples. By sheer number, I was a "member," and he was a "senior member," but posting on the MB frequently didn't mean that he had any personally-acquired knowledge about the resorts or any personal experiences about Couples that he could relate.

    Switch to Couples Blue (bottom of page), and the membership classifications will no longer appear.
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    where does it say junior member? i cant see it

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    Post count is the only way they do it, I think.

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