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    Default Contact lens & snorkling question

    7th Couples & 4th CN visit aproaching in 16days Y E A Y - W O O P W O O P !!!!!

    In all these visits we've never joined any of the snorkling trips because I'm not a strong swimmer & I also wear contact lens.

    Are the goggles that the resort supply waterproof or should I stay well clear?

    I tried it once in Grenada when the snorkle guide loaned me his goggles (they were top notch) & I was amazed at the underwater life.

    Also does anyone else feel like I do when the countdown approaches days - I don't want departure to come because time flys so fast that we'll soon be back home - Kev thinks I'm crazy LOL!

    Trina x
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    I wear contact lenses also, and I wear them with my snorkel mask. I have a small face so I wear a childs mask and bring my own. If some water sneaks into the mask, just take it off and put it back on again. You will wear a life jacket, so swimming should not be a problem. My husband always holds my hand so I don't float away, or crash into anyone. I hope you try it this time.

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    Thanks for replying - I think we'll give it a go this time

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    My husband and I just got back from CN yesterday and he wore his contacts while snorkeling and was fine, he just made sure to have some contact solution on the boat just in case of an issue, as well as his glasses. Have fun!
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    Just make sure you have a second pair as you may lose them. I dove for many years with contacts, never lost one, but came close a few times. You should know that in the water, the space between the lens and your face will magnify things under water so your vision will be better under the water then on the surface.

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    That's one of the benefits of contacts over can snorkel with them. Both my husband and I wear contacts and while in Jamaica he snorkels daily and I scuba daily. We have never had a problem. That being said...I do always bring a spare set of contacts with just in case...but the biggest concern with the contacts for me is the occasional wind on the beach.

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    I either wear my contacts or glasses since I am blind as a bat without them. We love to snorkel as much as we can.

    I always wore my contacts when snorkeling but I hated when I had to take my mask off when I was in the water if I ever had an issue. Sometimes the mask would begin to fog even if I used the no fog or baby shampoo on the lenses and I would have to take it off to wipe etc. Having contacts on I was always afraid of getting salt water in my contacts etc. I can tell you from experience it BURNS LIKE H*LL!

    I finally went and bought a prescription mask! I really thought it would cost a fortune but it was only $69.00!

    I got mine from All you need is a current script for EYEGLASSES. I got mine in the mail within a 3 days. Love this company for snorkel equipment!!

    Also I got the neoprene strap for the goggles. This makes a world of difference if you have long hair. No more pulling, snagging and breaking of your hair.

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    Thanks Fluffin. Great info. I know what you mean about the strap, and I am always adjusting my mask as well.

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