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    Good morning!
    Four of us plan on going golfing while at CTI. I was just curious about the dress code, I figured polo shirts and khakis for the guys (long pants or are shorts okay?) but should I just wear the same (I'm a female) . Do we need golf shoes, on the fancy side or are golf sneakers okay? Are gloves required? I already know we need a caddy, and that sharing is possible. So my next question is how many people can fit in a golf cart? Do they seat 2 or 4 like some we have at home? A lot of questions, I know. But I'm a planner so I like to have all the info ahead of time.

    Thank you!

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    Bumping this one up, would like to know the answers also!

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    Can't speak for the CTI side I golfed on the Negril side. Shorts were fine, golf shoes were not required, Golf cart was a normal 2 seater, and a caddy is required per golfer. Course was not crowded and fun, by Caddy was a woman and a hoot.

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    Nice shorts are fine. They like you to have a shirt with a collar (normal polo or golf shirt). Golf shoes are not required. Gloves are helpful when it's hot and humid but not required at all. No four seat carts that I've seen there. As for caddies... this is variable it seems to a point. Caddies are mandatory and it is one caddy per golfer when you are walking, but when we have taken a cart we have had one caddie for the two of us.
    Have fun!

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    The do allow one caddie for two people in a cart, the caddie walks while you and your clubs ride the cart


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    Thank you all for your answers!

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