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    Did the Cat Cruise in '07 and was able to do the cliff jump at Pirate's Cave. Went back in late '10 and the "stairway" up through the rock and the cliffs were fenced off. Has anybody been on this trip in June/July 2011? Is this still blocked off? The cliff jump was fun!!! #onlycouplesbummerever

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    Yeah, no more jumping off the cliffs on the cruise. I think it it is a liability issue but I don't know that for sure. I'm sure someone will post an accurate reason. I think you can still jump from Ricks though if you head over there one day.

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    When we were there in '09, the stairway was already fenced off. We'll be back there in less than a month and will see if it is open. (I also believe they said it was closed for liability reasons.)

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    We took the cruise in 2/2010. The stairway was blocked. However someone was calling out from the top of the cliff, and it was one of our passengers! He took a flying leap and splashed into the ocean! I do not think he was scolded, but the first thing that went through my mind was drunk + very long plunge = high probability of spinal injury! No thank you , mon!

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    It was still closed at the end of August - I heard it was a liability issue as well as such I would not plan on it ever reopening.


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    Was there in june.. We were told we could not jump. Take a trip to Ricks Cafe. You can jump from 35 feet or 50 feet.

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    I'm curious as to other areas to jump besides Ricks. Has anyone tried Xtabi, 3 Dives Restaurant and Bar, or Sunset on the Cliffs? From what I understand, they have cliffs that they let visiters use.

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    Last April a lady from CSA jumped from Rick's and broke her wrist she thought. She was leaving the next day so decided to stick it out. No fun to be on pain pills the last day of the trip. Beware there are no hospitals close by.

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    How did the lady break her wrist? Was it from impact hitting the water did she think or did she actually hit something while going down?

    My hubs and I were just talking about jumping this year. We did the first year we went to Jamaica but haven't since. I'm unsure about it. I know it will be fun and we'll be glad we did, but I don't want to break my wrist, ya know?


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    It was from impact on the water I believe. I have heard many stories about people hurting themselves jumping. Just me but I wouldn't risk my vacation for a quick thrill like that. That's a long way down. Ok call me a stick in the mud but it's just not my thing, to each his own.

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    I have read about some very serious spinal injuries from the cliff jumps. Some people panic in the air or are drunk and when they hit the water and aren't vertical it can be bad.

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    I jumped and it was fun. Later in the day I saw someone come out with a seperated shoulder and it was ugly. It's a risk but if you are unathletic or drunk I would not recommend it.

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    We took the cat cruise 2-21-11 from CN, had just got anchored and two cats of HEDO folks showed up hoopin and hollerin naked as the day they were born!!!! A whole bunch of "lookin" not to much cliff diving that day!! Not something you want to have in the old photo memory book from a great vacation. Too many + sizes everywhere..............

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