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    Default Can't believe the cost -- has this happened to you too

    I just finished making my down payment a couple of weeks ago for this November, but I left the airlines off until a later date . Then today (1/31), my travel agent called and got the flight I wanted her to get. I was quite surprised when she told me the cost of the flight, it was $500 over last year. We were already paying $300 more for the land trip than last year.

    Going to have to talk this over with my wife and see what we're going to do now.

    This is our 8th trip to CSA (Our home away away home) and normally every year I take care of it in either late Jan. or Feb. This year Randy announced that the prices were going up so I started early. In fact I put the down payment in the day before (1/16), the prices where supposed to go up (1/18), and I still paid $300 more than last year.

    I'm just sick about this and don't really know what my wife will say when she hears about the cost. Oh well just thought I'd vent a little to see if this has happened to any of you.

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    hi - before giving up hope, check out our hotel and air rates on booking engine. Make sure the "package" rates which include airfare are not a better deal than booking air and hotel separately.

    Couples Resorts

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    I have been watching the costs on the airlines and it jumped last week, but that was because now all taxes, fees etc are showing up front. Make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. We are ready to book for November and it is just about the same as we paid last year. Maybe even a little less. Maybe we jumped on the wrong price last year and that is why it doesn't seem so bad.

    I guess we look at it as we are questions.....and we have to have a flight. Too long to swim, I don't want to be ripped off on the flight, but it's worth it to get back to Jamaica.

    Hope you find something that works for you !

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    We are having the same experience. We want to go back to CSS for April, but the total cost is about $1000 more for 7 days than what we paid for 10 days the same time last year. Last year we did flight and hotel separate. This year, if we went that route, it would be almost $2000 more than what we paid last year!!

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    csa and counting,
    We have seen the same thing. Our last tripwas to CSA was last January. We have been 8 or 9 times to Couples. While we are not planning a trip this year as we are planning to go to Ireland (have been saving for over a year), I still look at trip cost for Couples as we are hoping to come home in 2013.
    Unfortunately I'm really not sure this will continue to be a reality. The cost of a trip has gone up considerably, however, due to the economy our paychecks have not. Food, gas, taxes-the cost of everything here at home has gone up but our income is not keeping up with the increased prices.
    Hopefully something will change soon, but if not, I am not sure we can continue to our trips to Jamaica.

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    Monica and I book our December trips to CSA up to two years in advance. I just booked our flight (Delta) for Dec 2012 and, like you, was shocked to see that the price had gone up almost $500.
    Luckily, I saw that I could check their site for all flights within 3 days of our planned arrival and departure (flexible dates check). After going through all of the possible flights, I found that departing Atlanta one day earlier and leaving CSA the same day as originally planned brought the airfare down by almost $500. Bottom line, we added a day to our vacation and used the money we saved on airfare to pay for an extra day in paradise and will have enough left over for an extra couples massage.
    Sometimes things work out for the best. Thank You, Delta Airlines, for finding us a way to justify an extra day at CSA.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Our airfare was $980 pp. Yes, it is quite an expensive trip, over $5K. Never been to Couples before. Hope it's worth it, because I've been on some pretty amazing trips for almost 1/2 that before.

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    You are not alone on this. We too booked early before the rate increase but without a discount given yet for the dates we are traveling at the end of the year. If Couples doesn't offer any discounts before we have to book our flights, we will just have to cancel and say goodby to Couples forever after 11 trips there. So far the resort costs alone are more than our entire last trip with airfare. Several people we have met on vacation and keep in touch with are not returning due to the increased costs as well. It seems the global economy has affected everyone except those sitting in the front office at Couples where they believe people will keep paying - no matter what.

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    Airfares have gone up 10% over last year, and the rates at Couples increased over last year.

    And Randy are you saying he should not go to the his travel agent and book direct??????

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    It's happened to us to. We used to be able to get air from Minneapolis for 400 per person, direct flights now it's almost 600 and we have to change planes. We blew it on the hotel too and missed the 2012 early specials. I'm not sure what we are going to do now.

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    We down graded from a suite to a garden room this year so the difference in cost would help to offset the air fare, which for us, has close to doubled in the 4 years we have been going to CN. I will miss the shower in the bathroom the most from the suite, loved the rain forest head, but other then that, we were not in the room much anyway. Air fare is going to be a concern for us in 2013 though since unless Randy will let us sleep in a beach lounger, we can't get a cheaper room for the time of year we like to go, which is in February. Good luck, and be sure to check out what Randy said, it may help you out.

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    What we paid last year for 10 days is the same we paid this year for 7 with the same flight, last year we did the wednesday deal and saved big time. This year I found we could save about $200 pp. if we left on a tuesday. I would have to say that in 11 trips( 1 a year) to CN we are within $400 give or take for the same amount of days. Shop around and watch those deals on wednesday.

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    seems to be a global issue, same thing with british airways

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    Luckily we booked 2012 during 2011 a little more than a year in advance , but like you have been shocked at the airfare increases from our previous visits. But having just booked airfare for a trip to Mexico and my graduation in the states it is a fuel thing...and an airline thing as they continue to reduce flights. Its unfortunate for sure...try reducing the room category to help keep cost down...but don't give up on paradise!

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    Must be all airlines, both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic from UK have increased fares drastically from last year - could be this 'green tax' the UK Government is applying to all flights and the airlines have added it to each fare.

    In addition Couples UK rates are very much higher than when we went last year. We always book in January/February each year for Christmas/New Year and this year the rate quoted by Couples UK for accommodation without air fare is not much less than we paid with them for accommodation and flight last year!!

    I searched all travel agent and airline websites for days and kept watching out for offers and, sure enough, Virgin had a 'weekend special' when they offered discounts for early bookings and we managed to book the whole holiday with them at a good price, a little higher than last year but not beyond our means. So keep searching and looking for special offers and also check out Randy's advice above.

    Mad about tennis

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    Keep shopping all the travel sites, as well as the Couples site. We're in the same boat, but hope to find a solution where we're not paying inflation +++, but rather a hundred or two more. I can skimp/scrape if the prize is time at the resort!

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    American airlines has made it difficult to book reservations for a ticket using AA advantage points Little or no
    flights available for December dates. At first I thought it was because it is December and near the holidays, but I
    then checked Oct/Nov and found that not many good flights were available as well.
    Seems AA wants to raise cash and not give away free tickets.
    Has anyone experienced this?

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    westonsmom, where are you flying out of? I have been watching the air fair for our December trip, and flying out of Minneapolis we would only pay about $200 more for the 2 of us. And the flights out of Milwaukee are about the same.

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    We also have to rethink going to Couples next year. I can't believe the increase in prices at Couples. I could be wrong but it seems to be the largest increase I can remember since going to Couples. We've been going between CN and CSS and the prices are like $119 more a night at CN and $167 more a night at CSS compared to what we paid this year and last year. They usually go up maybe $20 or $30 a night. Randymon, if I am incorrect in this, I apologize. I am just comparing what we paid the last 2 years to the same catagories for this year. I do have to say we always book the early booking special so I know that makes a difference. Needless to say, we are anxiously waiting for the early booking for 2013 to come out.

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    Thanks to all of you that responded. We booked our vacation with the same travel agent we've used for the past 10 years and they don't have any explanation for the increase in prices either.

    We're kinda fixed on our travel dates in November and if we could leave on Tuesday we would. But as it is we're leaving on the Redeye (11/14) out of LAX just to get our 10 days in and to get there in the morning of (11/15). As far as changing our rooms to cut down prices, we like the Beach Front Veranda Suites and don't want to give that up for anything.

    Believe me we've considered everything and nothing seems to work out for us.

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    I did the love away plan, which doesn't include airfare, so you can't book a package rate that way. Looks like airfare is going to make it more than the package price, but I guess that's the price you pay for doing the love away.

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    I just booked our flights for December, 2012. Our flights from Chicago to MBJ are about $450 per person, which is certainly in-line with my expectations (we paid $375 pp in 2009 and $440 pp in 2010). We also booked on American Airlines, which has free checked baggage (another $100 savings!!). I think now would be a good time to book a flight for late 2012 (use to compare prices).

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    When we booked room 5 months ago, US Air was 1000 for two from L.A. I kept putting it off. Last week, it was at 1600! Started looking again, Air Trans 1098! Booked it, 2 days later it was at 1300+! Glad we booked!

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    That's wild. We had a completely different experience. When we decided on this trip we were quoted a price and then didn't book for a few weeks later. When we finally booked the cost went down enough for us to add another day to our trip for the same price. So, we are going for 10 days at the same price we thought we were paying for 9. It might have been a travel agent error in the first place but to us it was meant to be.

    Although, when looking at it compared to last year we are paying more...last time it was an Atrium room at CSA, this time its a Garden Room at CN and we are paying more.

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    Lindad we are flying out of Milwaukee. We checked Minneapolis too & it was the same price. We have a nonstop flight. We could have done multiple stops and paid $600 pp but would have lost 1/2 day and then the odds of having lost luggage and/or weather delays are higher.

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