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    Hi All,

    My husband and I were at CN in 2008 and loved it, and I have been scheming to get us back since. My neice has persuaded us to celebrate their anniversary at CSA in 2013, so I guess that is close enough for me.

    I have booked a Garden Verandah Suite, and have some questions.
    -- Is there much difference in the GVS in the older section and the newer?
    -- Are the GVS buildings 2 or 3 stories?
    -- Is the road noise really that bad? I see on the map that there may be more foliage between the road and the bldgs on the older side, is it quieter as a result? Can you even hear it with the windows/doors closed at night?
    -- Anything else I should know about CSA or the GVS?

    Thanks in advance for all your help!
    413 Days and Counting!!


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    We just got home and had a garden suite. We were in the old section with a shower. WE LOVED IT! We liked it way better than the beach rooms we saw. The only difference is the old section is at one end and the new section is at the other end. Our building was 3 stories some were 2 stories. We heard nothing but frogs and crickets. NO worries all rooms are good
    We are going back next year

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    I would be happy with any room category at CSA we have just returned from staying in an Atrium room which was superb. In previous visits we have stated in old and new garden rooms. Sure there is some road noise but it really isn't a problem.
    Other CSA tips have a walk off site grab a beer or some jerk at a bar. Don't worry about being pestered by folks selling drugs - say no once - they will remember you and will not ask you again.

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