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    We booked for April 2012 and Oct 2012 and got pretty godo resort rates at the time. We have been watching airlines tickets the last few months hoping rates would go down for the April trip but they havent so we had to book. We paid more this year for airline tickets than ever before. Almost double what we normally pay. We normally pay $300-$400 pp and this year it was $600-$700 pp. It made me want to throw up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westonsmom View Post
    Lindad we are flying out of Milwaukee. We checked Minneapolis too & it was the same price. We have a nonstop flight. We could have done multiple stops and paid $600 pp but would have lost 1/2 day and then the odds of having lost luggage and/or weather delays are higher.
    We have done that direct flight out of milw. I think 7 times, its great alittle over 3.5 hours your there, but the last few years they drove the price up so much that now we fly to charlotte for a short layover. The flight leaves Milw. at 5.40 am and in mbj before noon and on the return we leave mbj at 2.30 pm and back to milw. at 9.30, we actually get more time at the resort than taking the direct flight and we both fly for the $ it is for one direct flight. Just a thought for you to save some $. Mike

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    We did the love away and compared our previous two trip price per person per night still the best pricing of
    The previous years that were booked in packages especially when you take into account resort credits...even with the airfare hike..which for us cost an extra $140 a ticket
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    Westonsmom- what dates? That seems crazy expensive!! I'm flying out of mke, one one our stop, which put us at mbj around noon. This flight has been around $500 for months. Either way we will all be happy once we get to Jamaica.
    good luck, hope it helps

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    We're leaving the 25th of Feb and coming back the 3rd of March. We booked in early October. We are very hesitant to book flights other than straight-shot because of the weather this time of year. Too many times we've been delayed/cancelled. Also, because of our jobs, our schedules are not flexible much at all. But thanks for all the tips and I will surely look a little deeper next time I book!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richli2 View Post
    American airlines has made it difficult to book reservations for a ticket using AA advantage points Little or no
    flights available for December dates. At first I thought it was because it is December and near the holidays, but I
    then checked Oct/Nov and found that not many good flights were available as well.
    Seems AA wants to raise cash and not give away free tickets.
    Has anyone experienced this?
    Hey Richli2, I know American Airlines is having financial troubles. This may be the cause of your difficulties booking flights. I hope it works out for you. Good Luck!

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    We were also disappointed to see that the price of our trip from last year to this year at CSA would be an increase of $500 for the same number of nights in the same timeframe. And that was only for the room! If the food, service and amenities are the same, we can hardly justify a $500 increase for the exact same thing we were getting before. It's too bad too because we were hoping to become Couples regulars in the coming years...we'll now have to find more afforable options.
    Danielle & Mike
    ----> Honeymooned at CSA June '11!
    --------> Really can't wait to be "home" again!

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    I know airfares here (RIC) can get wonky, but right now they're running about $970 RT (incl taxes) for both of us. This has been about average from here to MBJ for the last five years or so (one year, about four years back, was an exception, where the fare didn't budge below $1300, so we didn't go to Jamaica that year!).

    Now, I'll still look at nearby airports (particularly DC - got a flight about $300 less total two years ago flying out of IAD), but for us it's pretty consistently about a grand to get there.

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    mjd & westonsmom:
    I was just wondering what airline has the direct flight from MKE? I searched & searched for our Sept 2012 trip to CTI and never found anything direct out of Mke (or Chicago for that matter)--we ended up booking the 5:40 through Charlotte too

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    Airfares are nuts right now. We have to skip JA this year and were trying to go to Cancun as our sister in law has a beautiful timeshare there, but the airfare alone for April was nuts... A package was almost cheaper making her free condo a non-issue. We have another major National Park trip planned later this year so can't afford Couples this year, but now I'm scared for 2013. I swear I will be watching rates daily.

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    Its a airtran charter for funjet, Jan/Feb/Mar/ and 1/2 of april. Looked today and they have a direct flight for 2/15-1/25 for $373, to bad all the resorts are full

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    lenfest@cti912 - we had to book through funjet because Couples did not have a direct flight option to book directly through them. I think because it is a Charter Flight operated by Airtran. Because it's a charter, it doesn't operate every day. I think Wednesdays and Saturdays, but somebody said they did a Sunday one too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by westonsmom View Post
    lenfest@cti912 - we had to book through funjet because Couples did not have a direct flight option to book directly through them. I think because it is a Charter Flight operated by Airtran. Because it's a charter, it doesn't operate every day. I think Wednesdays and Saturdays, but somebody said they did a Sunday one too.
    Never even thought about charter flights, thanks for the info!

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    I booked our flights to Couples Swept Away last night, a tad over $1000 round trip for 2 people flying in and out of Columbus Ohio in October. I paid $500 more for the same flights leaving in 6 days going to CN, when I booked them in October of 2011 which was $400 cheaper then the same flights were for our 2010 trip. In 2009 the same flights, airline has not changed those flights in 4 years, hard to imagine that, I paid $800 total for the both of us Other then going to Swept Away in October of this year, all flights to CN have been about the same dates. I play the check air fares weekly and buy when I think buying is good. Looks like sometimes I win and other I lose. Not direct but one stop. And we will be on them in 6 days and a bag drag.

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    We booked CTI for June this year (111 days to go) within 10 days of returning fom our honeymoon at CTI last April, via Virgin Holidays (UK). The cost was the same for both holidays. No increase. Since then additional taxes have been added by the UK government, but these have been absorbed by Virgin.
    Can't ask for better customer service than that.
    Iain & Jacqui.

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