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    Default Managers Cocktail Party?

    Is this open to anyone or just repeat guests? What happens at these? Thanks for any responses.

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    This is for everyone. Its a way for the manager to welcome new and returning guests to the resort. The manager will be there, and will make their way around to chatting wtih you. They serve drinks and special snacks. It is wonderful.

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    The party is open to everyone!

    It really is very nice to go to them. you get to meet the manager, and they have drinks and hors duevre's (?)
    We never went but the last time we were at CSS, we decided to go and had a blast! it is early enough in the evening so it won't mess up later dinner plans. Go, you won't be sorry.

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    Hi kweb1,
    The Manager's Cocktail Party is open to all guests. They have yummy food and wonderful drinks and the GM introduces his or her significant staff members to the guests. It is a lovely evening!


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    The Managers Cocktail Party is for everyone & is very fun so definitely go. Very yummy snacks & drinks plus a chance to meet the resort management team .... They walk around visiting with the guests .... Feel free to ask any questions you might have about the resort & give any comments. The do also have a cocktail party before the repeaters dinner that is just for repeaters.

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    Not only is the GM there, but the managers from the other areas of resort are there also--guest services, food, housekeeping, grounds, maintenance, entertainment. Anyway, you get an opportunity to meet and talk to everyone. The last two years we were there, the reception was on the pier. It is not formal, music, appetizers, drinks and mingling.

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    What day(s) of the week is the Manager's cocktail party please?

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    Any chance you get to socialize with the very people that are responsible for your wonderful stay is a great opportunity....don't miss it!

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    The manager's cocktail party is Mon. eve. before the repete dinner. I know the repete cocktail is at 7:30 so I think the Manager's would be at 6:30 and would be in the Aura Lounge.

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    Managers cocktail party at CSS is usually Thursday.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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