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    We'll be at CTI in April and was wondering if we could spend a day at CSS to check out that property for our next visit. Is this allowable?

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    Yes you can, you will need to sign up for romance rewards and then sign up when you get to CSS for trading places day. You will really enjoy the day. Both resorts are beautiful, just different.

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    If you sign up for Romance Rewards, you can do a Trading Places day on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. You need to sign up with Guest Services 24 hours before you want to trade. The resort provides transportation--you leave around 10am and they bring you back around 4pm. If you want to come back early, you pay the cost of the taxi. Trading Places is a free perk for Romance Rewards members.

    Hope this helps!

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    If you sign up for Romance Rewards you can do the Trading Places between the two resorts and see CSS for a day. We highly recommend doing this if you're thinking of returning and want to see another Couples Resort. Also, by signing up for Romance Rewards, you'll be able to get additional perks on future visits.

    Bart & Bug

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    Highly recommend doing Trading Places - CSS and CTI are two very different, but each beautiful, resorts.

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    Thanks to all that replies! I'll sign up now!!


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