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    Default Bar service and bad experiences?

    Hello all,

    My husband and I have our first trip to Jamaica booked for September. His first to Jamaica, our first to Couples (12 day split- 6 nights to CTI, followed by 5 nights to CSA... woot-woot!). Neither of us has been to an AN before. In fact, never even imagined it. Quite honestly, my bashful hubby spends very little time in the buff and he is beginning to doubt my vacation booking expertise as his fear is getting the best of him. But you know what they say... "when in Rome." Sooooooo, I need a little info to put his mind at ease.

    I understand that our first visit to "Nekker Island" as we now affectionately refer to it, will be begin with a prompt right-hand turn upon arrival. Hopefully, there he (we) will find the nerve to, well---bare it all and blend in. I am wondering if there is bar service on this side of the island. Ya know, without having to approach the much less reserved folk who are proudly fine tuning their social skills... all Nekker-Island-style. Will there be a friendly waiter who will not judge our shy sides and just kindly bring us delicious Jamaican liquid courage?

    Also, as I have spent hours now, combing this forum looking for anyone that has had a less than stellar experience in the buff and thus far, have come up empty handed. I would love to hear from the folks who tried the island and found they didn't want to necessarily return. My fear is that they were so traumatized by their in-the-buff-experience that they fear even entering this forum. Certainly this experience cannot be for everyone, and I would love to hear from the folks that came, disrobed, and then left only to say that "Yes, I did it once but I wouldn't ever do it again."


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    Cbrew; I didnt see any red flag service (where the bar tender goes to other side of island and takes drink orders). Usually he is too busy on the poolisde to venture away...

    Honestly I havent heard of any met or seen any couples that once they tried AN picked up and left after 15-30 minutes. That being said, I have read on these forums where some ladies would not take off bottom half and then left mad (probably not to return). I feel if you are game for trying AN then you are open to having a very good experience. You will see that everyone outside of bar tender is as naked as you and not judgemental but welcoming.

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    You'll get a ton of similar responses but here goes:

    First question - no the bartender will not bring drinks to that side of the island - you have to walk to the bar to get them. But, never fear, everyone is nice and will not stare or snicker or laugh or make you feel uncomfortable in any way. You'll find it to be a fairly comfortable situation and even eventually forget you are naked. You can be nice and get your husband's first couple of drinks for him and then after he's had some liquid courage, send him over.

    Second question - I've never seen anyone post about a negative experience. I have, however, seen one couple a few years ago who came over to the island, chickened out and left. But mostly everyone ends up enjoying it and becomes converted for life!

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    One bar on island by the pool (actually part of the pool) never seen the bartender deliver drinks, everyone always goes to bar to get serviced, oops I mean served.

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    There is no waiter service on the island, unless you can enlist your spouse or another guest to get you a drink. Usually before 10 there is no bartender either.

    So as first timers, I suggest you go at 9 and bring your water bottles with you, and head right. Perhaps by 11 you will have reached a comfort level to go to the bathroom or bar. Or perhaps by then you will have left??

    I haven't seen a post in three years saying they didn't enjoy it, but I have seen people go to the island, undress, then leave 30 minutes later. Also seen posts were the whole idea freaks people out, but then they don't have to go to the island.

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    There is only one bar on the island and it is connected to the pool (left side of island).
    The bartenders are always friendly.

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    Well, you have all been very encouraging. I am going todo my best at persuading my bashful other half. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Wish me luck.

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    Hi cbrew!
    Good luck with your hubby! My husband and I will be staying at CSS and love SSB! We may finally on our fifth visit do a trading places day to CTI and the Island!

    One Love,

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    Too bad you'll be at CSA for your second half, no AN facilities there. You could have done CTI first half then taken a short 5-10 min. ride down the road to CSS where the AN area is top of the line. You could be on island in the morning and on SSB in the afternoon. As it is, your drive to CSA will be approx. 2-1/2 hrs and no AN. Maybe next trip. Have fun!!

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    As you can see from the previous posts, as Winston Churchill said, "There is nothing to fear except fear itself". Your husband may be a bit squeamish at the outset, but I guaranty that within maybe five minutes or so, maybe even less, he will wonder why he hasn't done this before.

    Almost everyone had fears and apprehensions. "Will they stare at me because I'm overweight or to tall or to skinny, etc"? "What about my scars or tattoos" "Are my boobs to big or to small"? "Will the laugh at me because my "package" is so small, or so big"? The answer to all these intriguing questions is "No". No one cares. All we care about is having a good time with our partners, and making friends with others. It's as simple as that. By the time the day ends, he and you will be right there on the dock the next day, ready to go again. I promise you.


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    One bar, one bartender and lots of people to serve at the bar. That being said, if you walk up to the bar, to get your drinks, you are covered by the bar from about the waist down. Also, everyone is so busy visiting, we rarely notice when someone walks up. Do people go and find it's not for them. Sure. I would say that at least once during every vacation, we see a couple come over, and turn around and go back. BUT most often we meet couples who were apprehensive, usually one partner more than the other, but come over, stay to themselves the first day and then get brave and come over to find out everyone is naked so no big deal. Best suggestion I can give besides applying sunscreen before you leave your room and reapplying often is to go as soon into your vacation as you can and early in the day (9 a.m.) Chances are you will love it and venture back every chance you get. If you don't like it, that's okay. Get dressed, go back to the dock and go back to the mainland, but at least you won't have spent your whole week wondering.

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