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    Default Resort Chic?

    Just wanting to make sure what this means. Im wondering if jeans with a classy silk shirt and heels would be considered resort chic?

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    I have never heard that before. I've heard of resort casual or resort elegant for the fancy restaurants. I wouldn't wear jeans in Jamaica, it's the tropics after all. You will roast.

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    You'll MELT in jeans!! Even in the evening there's humidity and some heat....

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    Nope. No jeans.
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    The only time I noticed someone in jeans while at Couples they had luggage with them. They were either just arriving or waiting to leave (to/from a cold climate).

    The other postings are right when they mention that the weather is not "jean friendly".
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    Definitely don't want to wear jeans! I never brought anything "special" for the fancier restaurants - I just had an assortment of nice summer dresses and sandals for dinners. Something along these lines will be perfect. Or some dressy pants if you're a pants kind of person. I think mostly that description is geared towards the men so they don't wear shorts and sandals to dinner to the nicer restaurants that have the dress code.

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    Resort Chic - think cocktail dresses, dressy capri's with a nice blouse, summery maxi-dress, halter dresses, etc. You would be miserable in jeans just from the heat, but jeans are not allowed in the nicer restaurants anyway.

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    Wear what you would wear on an eveing out with your love to a nicer restaurant in the summer. To hot for jeans.

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    Ok thanks everyone. I just wasnt sure what they meant. We are used to hot and humid though since we are from South Louisiana, haha! From what they say is the average temp in Jamaica is a nice temp for us down here.

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    Lite cloth dockers pants are the standard. To hot for jeans, unless you go horse back riding,
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    From the FAQs:

    Casual by day, resort chic by night. Lightweight cotton clothing and swimwear attire are perfect for day. For evening gourmet dining and lounging at the bar, cocktail attire is required in most of our restaurants (no shorts or beach cover-ups); a jacket is optional. Check the 'restaurant & bars' section of your selected resort for more details on dining dress code. For certain activities like golf or shopping in town, appropriate attire is recommended.

    That really doesn't explain much does it!

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    Haha no Wally it doesn't. I think Allens_Angel explained it best! I looked it up on internet and it said the same. Maxi dresses, sundresses. For Men it said closed shoes, trousers, button shirts. So guess that is what we are bringing Thanks though!

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