My wife and I were featured in a small magazine this fall about our wedding at Couples Negril. I will add a link and hope it is allowed to be posted. The person who wrote the article did not do the best of job in our opinion. We loved the trip and we are planning a group return trip. If anyone has questions feel free to ask. I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.

For those who have never been to CN.
-Things we found somewhat wrong in the article. They said "on the private beach". It was on on the beach which is public, but in my opinion feels private. I guess if you really get down to it, the part where the wedding takes place is on CN property.
-Don't worry about the rain comment. We did get rain everyday up until the wedding day. the clouds were dark behind the resort and I really did think it was going to rain as soon as we started the ceremony. Fromt that time on it did not rain a drop the rest of our time at the resort. When it rained some people ran for cover. We stayed in the pool or ocean. We were already wet and had a great time.
-Cake and champagne were pond side and not pool side. It's much quieter by the pond.

There are other things they wrote about ourselves that we thought were funny. Also thought it was weird that they called me Brent but referred to my wife as my last name the whole time. Anyway we had a great time and I think we made a few people that will become repeaters next spring in our hopeful return trip. It will be our 3rd trip to CN. We called Couples and made sure we could use the photos for the article. One couple with us were on their honeymoon. Hopefulyl we gave Couples some good publicity even though we think the article could have been much better. I'm no author that's for sure.

Here's the link: