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    My fiancé and I will be on our honeymoon at CSA from Sept 14-24. We are both looking forward to it and counting down the days. Is there anything that we don’t want to skip out on doing? It sounds like there is a lot to do on and off the resort, so a best of the best things to do list would help us out.


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    Hi Blueman! If you check out the "Meet Up at Couples" board, and click on Couples Swept Away, there's a topic called "Tips, not the money kind" or something like that. There are lots of great ideas in there. My husband and I (and several other couples on this message board) will be there about the same time you are.. the 12th thu the 19th. If you want to join the discussion, we're under September Hurricane Hunters thread on the same area as the "Tips" thread.

    We've not been to CSA before, but, I plan on checking out the catamaran cruise. We are both divers, and will probably go scuba diving a few times. Went to CSS last year, and heard good things about the glass bottom boat and snorkeling tours. I hear the martini/piano bar is cool.. there's a dude named Ultimate Chocolate who performs who is supposed to be really good.

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    Definitely go to the Martini Bar for cocktails before or after dinner. The Martini Bar is upstairs at the Palms restaurant. Go snorkeling. It is so relaxing and romantic and you can see some cool stuff under water. Make sure to take a walk at night. It is really romantic at night because of the lighting. Oh, and make sure to walk across the street to the Sports Complex. They have a smoothie bar and infused waters. It's really cool. Have a blast. There is so much to do or you can do nothing. CSA ROCKS!!!

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