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    Default Beach erosion at CSA?

    I just read that there was major beach erosion at CSA? We were there for our honeymoon in 2007 and are going back this April for our 5 year anniversary. What should we expect in terms of the beach? Are the beach private dinners still there?
    Going back for our 2nd Honeymoon / 5 year anniversary in April ! YAY!!!!

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    The beach at CSA changes week to week. I assure you that it is just fine by now.

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    The beach is diff. than it was in 07, but then again, it's diff. than it was last April. I think the main diff., if you can remember the Barry's Bar sign, well it's now a few feet into the water. The south end is not as big as it was, and the middle section of the beach is pretty close to the main walking path. On the northend, by the dive hut, the beach has gained aprox. 30 ft. since last April. So, as for private dinners, not sure if you can request a specific section of the beach, but I would shoot for the southend [ newer area], or the northend [original section], and try to stay away from the middle. See ya in April!

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    Thanks so much! Are people still getting up at the crack of dawn to save seats in the shade under the little huts? With the erosion are those still there?
    Going back for our 2nd Honeymoon / 5 year anniversary in April ! YAY!!!!

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    Every palapa is still there. Those seem to go the night before so that's an issue. There are, however, plenty of palm trees for shade. That's where my wife and I go. I like to lay back and look up and see the sky. You might have to move the loungers around during the day to stay in the shade, life sometimes can be so hard, but we just grin and bare it and try to make the best of it. I can't tell you how much sand I got on my feet last Dec. moving my Swept Away lounger with the soft cushion on it around! Sometimes it can be so grueling, I'm actually forced into taking a walk over to one of the beach bars and getting us a couple of cold, refeshing, Red Stripe lights on draught. Can' I just please relax!

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    BarDar, and you probably had to move the heavy green flag too. great post.

    it's all about the kids

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    The beach you find on arrival at any beach destination is not the one you're likely to leave behind... and SweptAway is no different. The ocean gives, the ocean takes... that is the way it is.

    With that said, there was significant beach erosion that occurred during the stormy period of October, due to a couple of storms that settled in between Negril and the Yucatan of Mexico. For the entire week of October 15, there was significant surf (usually 3 ft+), which is something we had NEVER experienced in our previous 9 visits to Negril. The result was a messy beach (due to damage to the reef), which the staff worked diligently to maintain, and the cancellation of the beach party, at least for that week, due to lack of set-up area in the area near to The Palms. The dead tree by Barry's Bar was easily 20 ft of the shoreline at the start of the week, but the beach was beginning to come back in that area by the time we left.

    Any more recent reports out there?

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    Rest assured the beach is in very good condition.... Live from CSA

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