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    Default Bugs at tower isle?

    Hello all,

    My husband and I are considering a vacation at CTI but I am a little concerned about reports of bugs (ants) in the room. I really hate bugs so I am hoping that the reports are false or overstated. Any advice that you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    No bugs/ants in the rooms at CTI but if you leave food lying around in the room - you might get ants, it's tropical and (same as at home) if there is food about ants will come for it.

    Don't worry, the rooms are spotless and there are no ants or bugs and, so long as food is not left out to attract them, you will not encounter any bugs of any description. We have been to CTI each year for many years now and have never been bothered by ants or bugs in our room.

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    We have been to CTI twice and have never had any issues with bugs in our room. I don't like bugs either however I realize this is the carribean so bugs are inevitable. They just have never been an issue inside of our room.

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    First of all, you have to understand that you are in the tropics. Warm humid air just about all the time. Those conditions are just right for a variety of bugs.
    That being said, the types of ants that you may see are teeny tiny little ones. About as big as the head of a pin. The resorts does all it can to keep those pesky critters to a minimum. Just about the only place you may see them is in the bathroom. It's not an infestation of any kind, just a few here and there on the floor. You won't find them in the drawers or on the bed. Sometimes they might be out on the patio. Now of course, if you leave any food out anywhere, that might invite a few more.
    I wouldn't let the thought of bugs worry you. It's just a fact of life in the tropical weather.
    One more thing. At night, after the sun goes down, close the sheer curtains to keep out flying insects from being attracted to the lights in the room.
    If you find that you are having more of a problem than you would like, just call maintenance and they will come and spray the areas where you see them.
    Again, don't let some tiny insects get the better of you. It won't be anything that will ruin your vacation.

    I hope this helps.


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    Default Never

    We have been vacationing at CTI (formally Couples Ocho Rios) for 11 years. We have never seen any in any of the rooms.

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    Default ants

    Not to be a killjoy but last year we stayed at CTI. Upon our arrival we noticed ants in our quick call to the front desk and we were moved into a different room. We didn't see another ant the balance of the week. This year we are planning another visit to CTI...ants or no ants its a great vacation spot.

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    After reading this message board for 8 months before going to CTI I went out & got a bottle of bug spray.
    My visit was the beginning of January.

    In my week at CTI, it was never used. Not even tooken out of my suitcase !!!

    One morning I dropped a piece of crumb in my room. Upon returning that evening, I noticed some small ants.
    Once the crumb was disposed, the ants dissappered.
    Other than that, no other bugs were seen. No spiders, no Mosquito, no sand flys.

    Theres no need to worry about.

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    Thanks so much everyone! I am so ready to book our vacation.

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    Just returned from my honeymoon on 1/28/12 and there were NO bugs. We had a single fly in our room one evening and that's it. Pretty darn good considering we left the bathroom window wide open the entire stay!

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    We had ants in our room - they came in on the fresh flowers. We told the housekeeper, who switched out the flowers and no more ants.

    We had leftover cake in our room as well, which we thought would attract more ants, but it didn't.

    No other bugs to speak of, except for the bees that bother the bartenders.

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    Never close the bathroom window, probably should at time so as not to pollute the outside air, and once in while will see a fly. Don't leave food or sweet drinks out, if you do you will see the worlds smallest ants. No problem. I don't get bothered by sand fleas either and the only reason I can think of is I use skin so soft after showering.

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    We have never had a bug problem other than bees around sugar drink bars.

    We go in July
    Irie Mon

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    We just got back from Tower Isle and Negril. At Tower Isle we did notice these tiny almost clear ants in our room but they only came out when you had food out or drinks left out. We just rinsed out everything when we were done using it. The ants or whatever they were are so tiny that you dont really notice them anyways.

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