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    Default nice room, close to the beach, which resort?

    Trying to decide which Couples resort to go to. We would like a room close to the beach that is updated and well kept. Does one resort have rooms closer to the beach than others? I would love to hear the water lapping the sand from the room. My husband is all about the food selection so if one has better choices that would be important too.

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    We had the exact same stipulations and found that the beachfront verandah suits at CSA was best. My fiance also was very worried about the food and looked at all the food choices and like CSA's best.

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    CSA has beachfront rooms. It also has the most restaurants/food choices. You will get lots of opinions on here and everyone has their favorite. Good luck deciding.

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    Swept Away's beachfront suites or beachfront veranda suites.

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    we just got back from doing a split vacation of half the time at tower isle and the rest at negril. If you go to Tower Isle and have a ocean view room you definitely get a ocean view. It is very relaxing because you can leave your door open at night and listen to the waves. The beach is also right there, you dont have much of a walk from the beach to the bar or your room. When we went to Negril, you can have an ocean view but depends on where your room is you dont have the same great ocean view as you would at Tower Isle. Our room was ocean view and we could only see a tiny bit of the ocean because of the garden. The beach there is more spread out so there is a little bit of a walk there. The food at both places was amazing, there wasnt a place that we ate at that we didnt like the food. Both places are amazing, but for the other two resorts I am not sure because I have not been there so hopefully a few other people will chime in. Have fun!!!

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    CSA has beachfront verandah suites that are right on the beach and have everything you are looking for.They
    Book very fastb

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    Email me at clemonssara40@ if you want some pix of CSA.

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