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    Default The April Amigos are beginning to stir.........

    The very first month of this brand new year, has finally come to an end.
    And as we all know, followed closely behind it the next month is coming round the bend.
    Here in New England the weather is cold, and the winds can whip up a storm.
    So I turn my attention to a far away place, where the temperature is always warm.
    A tiny island in the Caribbean ocean there is sunshine and warmth all the time.
    There we will find friends to laugh and to play with, and no one is ever unkind.
    Soon we will once again pack all our bags, for the start of another fantastic vacation,
    As we have done so many times before, our minds will be filled with elation.
    From far and from near all our friends we will see, as we all arrive at one place,
    There we will gather for a week or two, it will be grand to come face to face.
    We call ourselves the April Amigos, a small band of happy folks,
    We’ll see Doug and Cathy, Nathalie and Steve, and all the rest of the fun loving blokes.
    Old friends we will see, and new friends we will meet,
    That’s the great part of this coming together,
    We all want to play, to laugh and have fun, in the terrific tropical weather.
    Every tick of the clock, brings us closer to the dock, where each morning we all will wait,
    For the first boatload of happy campers to depart, for our island in the sun, that is our joyful fate.
    It’s hard to explain to the guys back home, why we all look forward to meeting this way,
    But for those of us there, who haven’t a care, this is our place to play.
    This year some of the Amigos won’t be part of the ongoing thrill,
    While we all play and have fun, at our favorite place, the others will be in Negril.
    Their spirits will still keep us company, no matter how far away they may be,
    While we are enjoying all the things there at hand, we will all be splashing in the same sea.
    So now we all must endure the wait, of each painfully slow passing day,
    And sooner than not you will hear us all say,
    “Hi Russ, Hi Carol, we’ve missed you a lot, we’re so glad to see you again”.
    “Yes things back at home are okay I guess, but sometimes it’s such a strain”.
    To make it through the dull and mundane, we all must do what we can.
    It’s worth it I know, to keep coping back home, it’s just part of the overall plan.
    Right now it’s to early to start packing our bags, but we know it won’t be long,
    Before the bathing suits and sun lotion will all neatly fit, and our hearts will be singing a song.
    “Don’t worry, be happy”, the lyrics we sing, our hearts will burn with desire,
    To all be together in our favorite spot, while the flames of love reach higher and higher.
    For now we all must be patient, as we all bide our time
    The best that we can,
    And before we all know it, our feet will be bare and our toes will feel the soft sand.
    It’s a wonderful place, where our gracious hostess will greet us, and she will wrap us in her loving arms,
    And all manner of stress and all the frustration, will disappear into comfort and calm.
    Hang on my Amigos, for soon we will all be on our way,
    To get back to Jamaica and have fun day after day.

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    Just found this...needed to be BUMPED!
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    Thanks Wayne.

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