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    Default how do you sign up for the Couples Rewards program?

    I dont see anywhere on the website to enroll in the Rewards Program. We are booked for our first trip to Couples Negril in 2 weeks. Any help is appreciated.


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    Look for 'romance rewards' on the footer of the home page. You will have a great time at CN!

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    It is along the bottom of the web page in small gray print. It says romance rewards.

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    At the very bottom of the home page click on "Romance Rewards "

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    Hi Soldoni,
    Scroll down to the bottom of any page on the Message Board and you will see a link for Romance Rewards.


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    Default link

    Felicia and Josh
    Couples Negril Oct. '08
    Couples TI Nov. '09
    CTI and CSS Nov/Dec '10

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    scroll the page all the way down to the very bottom as far as it will go and click on the romance rewards link.
    way down there

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    Wow, they dont make it easy to find, do they?? I got it. THANKS!

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