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Thread: CN March 11-18

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    Default CN March 11-18

    Hi Everyone

    Six weeks and so excited.

    This will be our first time to CN (CSS - Dec. 2010, CSA - Mar. 2008).

    I would love to visit a school. In the past I've brought down school supplies, but have never visited a school. I don't remember St. Patty's day at CSA, so I'm looking forward to it at CN.

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    Hi Harley,

    We'll be there March 12-20 and will be visiting CN for 4th time. Come join us on the March Maniacs 2012 thread and meet others who will also be there. We have also been discussing a school visit on there so we could make it a group thing if you are interested.

    As with most holiday celebrations, the fun is usually a function of the activities and the people you are with. So if you don't remember St. Patty's Day at CSA, you must have had a real good time!

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    We'll be there March 10-20. Can't wait to celebrate St.pattys in Negril!!

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    Harley - we will be making a trip to Sandy Bay Basic School on Monday the 12th. Let us know if you'd like to join in!

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    Default Coming Home

    March 10-17 to CTI

    Save a spot on the island. First drinks are on me...

    Jens and Sue

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    Hi Rhonda

    We arrive late on the 11th, and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Just in case we don't arrive as scheduled, I think I should pass.

    Thanks for organizing. I will put it on my wish list for my next trip to Couples.

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