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    Default Couples Negril Photographs

    Can someone please post photos of their wedding from photographers hired through the resort? I want to know what type/quality of photos I can expect if I pay the resort for photographs. Would be MUCH appreciated!! Thank you =)

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    Good question!!! I would like to see pic's too! I don't know if it will be better going with the photograhs they have or just hiring someone to come in & do them.

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    I had the resort photographer do our photo's at CN and he did an awesome job. If there is a certain place you want a few pictures you need to just let them know. A lot of our pictures were taken without us posing for them, which made them awesome. He just kept taking pictures and captured some really special moments. Congratulations and you will not be disappointed on doing a destination wedding it was PERFECT that is all I can say. They gave me my pictures on a disc and I can't seem to load any to this site. Even if I try to post one it states that the file is too large. Any advise

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    Can you pelase email your wedding photos to me at I would SO much appreciate that!

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    I posted my photo link under Couples Weddings thread. Congratulations all Al and Lori

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