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    Default CTI #7 all inclusive in the world

    Yahoo travel has CTI at #7 in the world of all inclusive beach resorts. Look out we will be there from Mar.2-10 to throughly relax. This only makes it more to look forward to, as we have not been to CTI yet.

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    Saw that! My husband is nervous about trying CT as we love CSA. Made him more at ease. Be there 20 -30

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    Glad to hear that. This is my first trip with my GF. She has been to the "S"-resorts a couple of times so she has something to compare it to. We will be there in about 3 weeks. 2.19 thru 2.26.

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    We will be at CTI those exact same days!! Looking forward to it and meeting tons of new people!!

    Steph & Jeremiah

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    We will also be at CTI March 4-11! We are so excited to meet new people and relax.

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    We are Art & Janet, we are a bit older than most at couples (late 50's). Art always has a beach hat on. Hopefully on Catamaran Sat. /Dunns river falls Sun. Hope we meet some of you.

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    I didn't notice from the article but I'm wondering what the criteria was and what person or panel made the choices and decisions.

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