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    Hi we want to head home again in March or early April this time my daughter and son in law want to travel with us to find out why Mom & Dad are so crazy about Couples. We would be interested in trying Secret Rendezvous but need to know that if we booked would we the four of us end up at the same Couples Resort at the same time can any one help with this? Thanks mc

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    yes, we can accomodate. While you cannot request a specific resort you can contact us and request that 2 couples are assigned to the same "secret" hotel.
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    oh my gosh-such good news. i had no idea that was possible. currently tucking that little bit of info away for a later date!

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    Good question Mike, I was wondering the same thing.

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    Hi Irie I thanks for your reply I called Westjet Vacations and enquired about the possibility of 2 couples booking at the same time and being gauranteed the same resort at the same time. They told me they would add the request to the booking but could not make it happen. So would my travel agent contact your office to submit the request directly to Couples? If so is there a contact number/ name. If I book and the kids end up some where else on the same island I don't want to be me. Let me know Thanks mc
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    We did this last year...booked directly with Couples and it was easy. We just told them at booking who the two parties were and then my sister-in-law called back with her information.

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    Hi Just booked with Westjet Vac TA says as long as every one is on the same confirmation number all is good 43 days the wait begins mc

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