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    My best friend is getting married at Couple Swept Away and I would really like to go but Im single. I know its a silly question but is it possible for me to still stay in the resort? And does anyone know anyone whos done it? Also do you know somewhere close by where it would be easy to stay at and then go in to Couples Swept Away on a day pass?

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    I was just reading the FAQ section and there is information on this. It should answer your question.

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    Hi Sally. Once many years ago we were at SweptAway during an "oversold" situation. We were sent to a lovely resort just down the street called Sea Splash. It was in walking distance to SweptAway and we loved it! Small, quiet, clean and comfortable. Of course, it's not SweptAway, but we really enjoyed our very short stay there.

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    You can if your friend books through the wedding coordinator, however, you will pay full room price. It isn't half price because there is only one of you. You can stay off resort and get a day pass for the wedding. I know general day passes are $75 pp or $150 for full day. Not sure if it is the same for weddings. Being in Negril, there are tons of places to stay that would be much less expensive than Couples as as single. You may also be kind of lonely if you stay at Couples, for obvious reasons. Do go and enjoy your friend's wedding though.

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    You also might want to check out Idle Awhile.. it is also owned by the Issa family and has some of the same flavor as Couples.

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    I second the Idle Awhile suggestion. We visited there a few years ago and it was lovely.

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