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    Default What are we forgetting?

    Hi Friends!

    We're leaving for CSS in 11 days and looking ahead to packing for our big trip. Any advice or "lessons learned" you could share of things you wish you had remembered to pack?


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    in the "search" enter packing or packing list and tons of info
    please see example link below

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    There is also a good list at the FAQ section on the Main Couples homepage.

    CTI in 10 days!!!!

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    Hi Mandy,

    The biggest common mistake is overpacking!!! Us girls must have our options right??? lol especially when it comes to shoes, my husband will just never get that!

    Honestly, you live in a bathing suit and coverup!!! You dress for dinner! Shorts are needed to travel in back and forth and maybe to go on a shopping excursion or over your suit for Dunns River.

    Pack lots of suntan lotion it is very expensive there! I always take a mini medicine cabinet.

    Copies of your passports both at home and with you.

    Bug spray just in case with deet!

    Most importantly, the thing to leave at home is all your worries, and stress............

    Have a great trip!

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    I usually chime in on this type of question with the following, simple advice.

    Brink a couple of blue or black ink pens in your carry-on to fill out the immigration/customs paperwork on the plane. There never seem to be enough pens to go around, so we bring extras for the people on the plane seated near us.

    This is a small consideration, but on one trip to Cancun, many years ago, we didn't fill out the forms on the plane for lack of a pen. We had to wait until we were in the airport to fill them out and ended up futher back in the line than we could have been. It just added to our time to get through immigration and customs.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Dead on with the pen advice!!!!

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    We are at CSS now and I brought most of what was discussed in the other thread about what people forgot. However, one thing I've been wishing I had was small Woolite packets. I'd love to hand wash my suit a bit better than I have so far, along with my sarong which has gotten very wet on several occasions, or even possibly wash some of my hubby's t-shirts because he didn't bring many, but then got sunburned and wanted to wear them more often than he normally would have. There is a laundry service you can use but we've just been getting by with the clothes we brought!
    Dana and John

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    Oh yes, do bring pens. Last year I was in a hurry to catch a cab and left the pens out of my handbag. You might have thought the rest of the passengers on the plane were carrying diamond studded pens the way they acted. Finally some nice man lent us his. I plan on bringing more than a few pens this year and passing them out to other folks who forgot theirs.
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    We only travel with carry-on luggage, so we pack VERY lightly. Although we can only pack enough liquids to fit in the 1-quart plastic bags and prefer to buy things at the resort, I ALWAYS pack sunblock b/c the sundries store at CN was out of everything higher than SPF 8 one year. Now I have to add conditioner b/c we just returned from CSS last night and the gift shop there had NO conditioner and didn't anticipate receiving more until September, guest services was no help in acquiring any, and the salon would not sell any to me. Fortunately, my sister and her husband were taking the shuttle (we flew), so I called her, and she convinced the driver to make a stop so that she could buy some. I would have been miserable without it.
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    Thanks for the advice, Marie! Really good point about copies of our passports. I had not thought of that! As far as over packing, it's my third time going through our "stack of stuff to take" seeing what we can live without!

    Thanks for the advice everyone!

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    I know it sounds silly, but you really do overpack the first time. Also, my hubby ended up sick the whole week (no worries we are going back soon) and they didn't have anything for a fever so he had to take NyQuil to help break his fever. We still had a great time though and can't wait to get back home!

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    How bad do the mosquitos really get this time of year? My husband is really allergic to them, but hates the smells of the sprays... Ive thought about trying those newer bracelet things for him if they arent that bad.
    We arrive next week...
    Kelly & Derrick

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    Ketchup.....the ketchup there tastes more like Chinese sweet and sour sauce to me....but then I'm a Heinz girl all the way...LOL.

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    We didn't have any problems with mosquitoes at CSS. It was the sand fleas that got us at night on the beach. But the usual bug repellents don't work on the sand fleas.

    The ketchup tastes different because it's made with real sugar. Nowadays anything in the states is made with high fructose corn syrup. but if you use the all-natural stuff anyway it will taste about the same.
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